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  The feeling of guilt
Posted at 12/02/2012 08:21:00 PM

You know that feeling we all have, keep inside us & we don't know who to express it with. The feeling of guilt, of something we know we did wrong but it's hard for us to admit it. It's hard for us to accept it either. That feeling that got us so paranoid over, that we know we're gonna screw up and lose some people or something in our life. The feeling of paranoia that walks with us during the day until night till the day we forget about it. That feeling that haunts us & we don't know what to do about it. We all have secrets we can't tell people, secrets that are too valuable but some day will be known. Secrets that we deny ever happen, & if we admit it, the denial will no longer be a denial but rather the truth. We all felt this feeling of guilt. Big ones, small ones, we all are guilty as charge for something. 

I admit, I have done a very bad thing. People are going to feel disappointed in me, but it's okay. It's life. I admit, I have made, myself lose a lot of people that were suppose to stay. I admit, I was dumb enough to make mistakes, dumb enough to lose people that made me happy & I know I didn't want that to happen but I was dumb. I admit, that I usually lie my way out. I admit, I'm not a very good person.  :( But deep down, I wanna admit, I'm sorry for everything that I have done. Karma has hit me a few times, but it's okeyy.. It didn't matter.

 && no matter how hard I try sometimes, I just tend to screw up in life. Somehow I wish I could turn back time & erase all those dumb things I did. But life is not as easy as that. HAIH. Regret also no use.(sounds better if read this way -- 后悔也没有用(houhui ye mei you yong)) 


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