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  New Year New Life - 2013
Posted at 1/01/2013 09:15:00 PM

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013

2012 felt fast for some reason. It's feels like one moment my best friend was in PLKN and next, we entered college together. I'm pretty sure I didn't achieve anything in the year 2012. Cause there wasn't anything to achieve like when I was still in high school. My SPM result wasn't even that good. I guess. haha But one thing for sure, 2012 was the year where I spend most of time doing things I've never done before. Most prolly cause I had too much time after high school . Hihi How I wish I still have those times. Few of the memorables experience that I can think of right now, are, hiking, Go-Kart-ing, skating and travel to different places not in Kuching with friends. I also get to try different food I never dared to try in fear of taste that I wouldn't like. Such as, oyster pancake, laksa, worms etc. Other than that, I also experience college for the first time. :') 

Other than life experiences, I've also experiences multiple heartbreaks and multiple backstabs and I even had gossips going around me that hurt me, a lot. I also lose few dear friends, but then again, if they're worthy enough to stay in my life, they would have, but they hadn't. But it's okey. When I lose friends, I gain more ! & it's quite true. But then again, normally I would love making new friends. But after what happened around, I've decided that it's a risk and I do not want to have it happen. I'm quite happy with the people around me. And I don't intend to change that. Hence, I close down my Facebook. & TRUST NOBODY BUT MYSELF

In September 2012, I met a very dear friend. He made me laugh like never before. And we can talk just about anything. Like seriously hihi I know I've said this before, but then, this time just felt different. Really different :) && Today is our 3rd Monthsarry. I hope this time really work out, cause I really don't want another break up. But only time will determine that. Multiple times, there are always things that will bring us down, but we still manage to stay strong ! This relationship is one of the new experience that I've felt. It just felt different from the previous one. A good kind of different. But I hope everything will work out. 

Even if I had to run to the moon, I would ~

My 2012 resolution ; 

- Own a Lomo Camera - COMPLETE. I currently own a Diana Mini but it is lying down at home calling me to buy film :')
- Get into college - COMPLETE. I'm currently taking A Levels in Segi College. Hihi
- Be satisfied and don't complain about my SPM results - COMPLETE. I knew I would get 3As. I always get 3As for public examination for some reason . LOL. it's a good thing tho. Not passing my science subjects was expected so I wasn't down about it hihi
- Not breaking out of love - :(( FAIL
- More money  - *cries harder*
- Be happy about after school life. - I guess I like my after high school life HEHE much more fun ~ OH HEY, school is starting tomorrow, I don't have to mourn for it. But then again .......
- Finally get my driving license - Got it on the 29th February 2012 :D You know how license expires the next year 2 year after you got it... but... :') #foreveraPdriver jokes
- Be proud of at least two things I have in life - *thinks of two things that are important* fts I can't think of any :') what was I thinking when I made this resolution !!
- Have enough rest - YES. I got used to sleeping early.... & waking up early. I no longer have the tendency to sleep at 2am :') . hihi sleep early = less pimple
- Appreciate life more - I'm learning to appreciate life more :D & although some part of me hate life, but I am still grateful I have life !
- Don't waste a lot of money - *starts to cry again*
- To always be there for my friends - I guess? The only friend I am willing to be there for is Cheng :') Other than that, see how first HEHEHEHEHE XD

8/12 resolution complete hehe 

& now it's finally 2013, and all of us still survive from the so called end of the world date last year ! Here's 13 resolution to remember the year 2013. 

- Pass my A levels & enter Bachelors 
- Learn to not procrastinate a lot 
-  Appreciate life even more
- Don't simply waste money
- Use more dresses !
- Stop acting like a kid 
- Pampered myself sometimes instead of spending money on food only
- Don't get fat :') 
- Appreciate my lomo camera
- Lessen the unhealthy food, and more VEGE !
- Always have enough money to spend on :') 
- Don't always go class late


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