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  Those young days
Posted at 1/05/2013 01:08:00 AM
I realize the older I grew the lesser I blog, and the lesser picture I take as well ! I remember I used to run around with a camera on my hand and just snapping picture of things to blog HAHA. I wonder what happen.... Somehow I think it's a psychology thing that made me like this. Ever since I met a guy who criticize me and blogging, my blog has decrease post :( He said, "blogging is useless. Why bother telling the whole world what you're doing" :(( ouch . Ever since then, I got demotivated to blog. Hence, the rare updates. + I got nothing to blog. And again, I wanna avoid from being stalked to much HEHE. But this few days, Cheng has been sending me pictures taken from my 2-3 years ago blog post, and it made me feel so motivated to blog cause when I blog, all the happy memories are kept inside ! OH I JUST REALIZE MY BLOG IS 5 YEARS PLUS OLD. oh how time pass so fast. I remembered the reason why I opened a blog in the first place. I got influence by some movie called, "I'm not stupid" HEE. Then I soon realize, writing is fun ! HAHAHA ~ and also, blogging is a place where I can talk alone :') and say whatever I want. although I have to limit what I write tho :( shucks. 

Anyways, today I went to work. & Cheng made me realize that this bear looked evil. wtf no wonder nobody buy. But then again, the bear still looks cute ! Actually me and Cheng only discussed it at 12am coming to 1am the night before :') and I ended up sleeping late cause I forgot I was suppose to work . HAHA. so this morning, I reluctantly woke up. But it's okay. I'm home now. And my bed is very near to me HEHE. today I studied the whole day at work as well . Have been studying hard this few days. My big exam is coming soon :( VERY SOON . sobs. & I've been confine at home as well. damnit. but it's okay. It's for my future. Have been studying Business and Accounts a lot I hope I'll pass em :( I really don't wanna repeat it haih college so hard. If you fail you fail . Not like high school, if your actual grade is B, you're most likely to get an A in SPM/PMR/UPSR. :( :( the funny thing about my coming exam is that, because my program is an external program, so everything comes from the UK, including the time of examination. Must be exact. haha. so my exams will commence at night. 7.30pm till 10.30pm. ITSOKEY morning can still study . hahah new experience. my law paper takes about 5 hours. imagine. from 7.30pm till 12.30am HAHAHAHA wouldn't that be cool ! but scary tho ~~ Imagine walking out college at night .__. 

Anyways, after work, I went to the park with Evans . Just to watched him play his stupid game -.- I got super maddd at himm !! Then I screwed him . Then he say, "you look so cute when you're angry" . I went all, "if I look cute when I'm angry. then. I must go on being angry so I'll look cute always" HEHEHEHE

Which reminds me ! I saw a human size elmo at a shop some where. it's so cute :( :( *hint hint* I want :( *hint hint* hihihihi 

Oh well the end of my crappyy blog post -.- Gonna end it with my favourite picture all the time. :* Me and the big fat baby that I love so much HEHEHE !! 


In another era ; 

Pris: HAHAHHAHAH *drops down from chair all of a sudden*
Cheng: omg ! is the chair okay?!

Cheng: HAHAHAHAHHA *drops down from stairs*
Pris: omg! the stairs got crack or not ?!

Moral-of-the-story ; What goes around comes around. Karma is that bitchy yo ! :( 


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