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  Chinese New year :)
Posted at 2/16/2013 04:18:00 PM
People don't change. They just grow up. 

Valentine just pass, & I had the most inspiring talk with him the other night. 
We can't change the past, but we can avoid from repeating mistakes that we've done. We may regret now, but time will tell us its useless to continue regretting anymore. Cause what's done is done. And nothing we do can undo anything :)

To read my Valentines post, click here :)

Anyways, this year Chinese New Year was awesome ! I get to watch the fireworks with him. Finally :D
But too bad it was raining HAIH. But then again, I enjoyed my Chinese New Year this year. First day as usual, went out visiting with my family. My first house, was his house. hee. I stayed quite long there cause I wanted to see the Lion dance. :) anyways, I was driver for the day. And I had to follow my dad car-ass around town ;) 

And night came, so I went over to his house and watched him gamble with his friends. O.O I don't gamble, also don't find it entertaining unless it's gambling from a kiap machine. lol so I went out and drove Cheng, hehe. :)

Nothing much I can write. I've lost my blog mojo, and I forgot how to blog dy :( this is sad. Also I am that lazy compare to last year, so lazy that I didn't even take that much pictures. Just pictures that matters lol. I didn't even take picture of the lion dance. :( aw. Maybe it's just me. I grew up, and I saw lots of things, and I've blog a lot, to the extend that I just see no purpose of blogging anymore. :(

I'm sorry. 

OH to end this post. Here's a camwhore picture of me ;)


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