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Posted at 3/02/2013 06:04:00 PM

I'm C O N F U S E .

I know I'm suppose to trust you cause, I don't know ? I feel that you're trustworthy . Your actions, your words, the way you wrap yourself around me. It made me feel so . loved . It made me feel . just . right . But when you're not around, and all the things people tell me about you , it really made me wonder, was it all real? The way you treat me? Was it done under obligation? I know you're in a tough position right now. With those stupid things you have to go through. Sometimes it made me wonder, whether you want to go through it or just because you are made to go through it? Sometimes it made me wonder, whether I was just a substitute or, I am just someone you need now to go through shit, someone who can overcome your loneliness. Am I gonna be that someone you're gonna throw away once you don't need me anymore? 

I know . There are still a bond between you two, that will never be separated. Those colourful crayons , and the crystal ball , those blankets , those t-shirts . Those photos that will never be burnt .  Those bonds, that I bet if you think hard , and realize , those bonds that are still there . That someday , every thing will be just like the way it was a year ago . 

Sometimes, I feel she's still there . Inside of you . You just couldn't see it . But everyone else can . That it's not over . I wish, what you guys had, was just a break up and not more than that . I wish, things were simpler and less complicate. I wish, we wouldn't have to fight about it . Sometimes, I wish you could tell me, what's exactly on your mind . I want to help you . But at the same time , I'm afraid of getting hurt . I am strong, but truth is, even muscles on a man doesn't last yet it needs maintainence. 

I wish I was only over-thinking stuff. But reality, it's all R E A L

At every occasion, I'll be ready for the funeral 
At every occasion, once more, it's called the funeral 
At every occasion, oh, I'm ready for the funeral 
At every occasion, oh, one billion day funeral

I'm fine :)

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