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Posted at 4/08/2013 11:49:00 PM
Just gonna do a quick update cause my blog is dead & I've pictures to post on blog !
Pictures of crap I've done in in March and April .. so far. :X

Went to Serikin the other Saturday with Evans and we only brought home banana chips and strawberries. hihi. then we drove down to Bau and discover this beautiful lake !! Make it seem like there's still hope for mother nature :') 

The other day, was happy that I won the Justin Bieber album from Hitz. Kuching. Won it by answering not more than 30 sentence why I like a song from JB. Not a big fan of him tho, just thought I might get lucky. And I did ! :) Other than his album, I also won, 3 other album. & gave 2 to Evans lol :P kept the Joe Jonas album and find his nice to hear !

&& finally. Golden Screen Cinemas came to Kuching ! Located at Cityone Megamall , Jalan Song :) I love love love their screen, & their 3D effects on 3D movies ! AM GONNA WATCH DESPICABLE ME 2 THERE (Y) the other day, there was this free screening by GSC, so me and Evans went and watch The War of World Goliath. The movie was nice :) Heard it won first in some 3D competition in Hollywood. WOO. we actually wanted to watch it ages ago, since the movie was first release, but seem to can't find any cinema showing the 3D version. sad is sad. 


Other than those 3 photos I stole from Instagram (@peeciella) , I got into a fight with some shit dude on the road, HEHE my first road fight ! (Y) early this March. It wasn't my fault. I was hungry and I was PMS-ing, and he had to block my way. It was fully his fault ! no the hell anybody waits at the pathway , and create jam for no reason -_- when there's a tuttt tuttt parking beside. I KNOW LER. the dude was just super lazy to park his car so he rather tug fight with me and make road jams. inconsiderate bastard. no brain some more. & you know what's funnier, his road law. According to him, as long as he is in front, he can block which ever car he likes. HAHAHAHHAHA shit. :') every time I remember back, I for sure laugh one. cause never see stupid people like this. Anyways, his car plat number is QCA 7885. :3

And then early this April, I got myself into my very first police stop road block as well. dang. for not wearing a seat belt :') it's not my fault.... okay la. it's my fault. Nearly got summoned for RM300 but... HEHEHE. its for me to know, & for you to find out ;) 

OH && today is my lil brother's birthday :B hihi 


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