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  How I met him
Posted at 4/09/2013 12:38:00 AM

How I met this guy, name Evans Ng. 
I still remember, me, my sister & Bex and few other friends who turn out to be backstabbers were hanging out, then Bex brought us all to meet Evans. & before I met him, I've heard stories about him like how he's a loving father who takes care of his son together with his family after his ex-bitch wife ran away. And I've also heard another kind of stories, where he is a playboy-abuser-gangster etc etc. Then when I first met him, my first question was... "You are Evans? Why you no look like paikia(gangster)?" . HAHAHA his reaction was funny lol. Maybe cause the first time I met him, he was wearing his glasses which made him look like a nerd lololll. But I did expect him from his stories to be tall, buff, muscular. But in real life, he's literally like a big ball of cuteness  

Then we started hanging out more often. We start to share our sappy stories together. And ask for each other advices. Then one day, I guess he put all courage together and ask me out for a movie date. & , I said yes. Mainly cause we know each other for quite sometime, and I'm quite sure he won't kidnap me and rape me. HAHA that's what I answered him when he said asking me out was easy lol. Then during our first movie together, I scream at those shocking parts (I usually over-react during movies) and he put his arm around my shoulder and pat my head. "sayang" awww it felt like a father-daughter relationship at some point :P 

Then we started going out every single day. We started to talk and bond a lot. And we even sing together! :') By then, it was a totally different Evans from the first day I met him. Cause the Evans I first met was flirty and always reeks of alcohol. By then, he was a new Evans. The more loving type of Evans. & caring. & we were comfortable with each other. 

During lantern festival last year, we weren't allow near each other. It's as if, we were forbidden to be together. But I'm glad, we stayed strong & eventually we came out stronger and now we're no longer forbidded HEHE anyways, the week before he asked whether he could play the lanterns with me & I said yes! but things went sour and rotten ): we didn't fight. it was more to uhm, a very sad moment for us. I knew that moment, I miss talking to him. & I felt like crying. & I was weak. & confuse. I tried my best to stay strong )': that stupid boyy. He even tried his best to get a pink octopus for me from the claw machine. Spent few tens. only to find out we can buy the octopus for a cheaper price instead. HAHA 

3 days before we got together, he kept asking for me. but I kept to myself. I didn't want another relationship. At the same time, I wanted to keep him. Confuse was I ~ Friends advice me about him, makes the confusion even more. And at times, it turns into fear. How am I not confuse? His words sounded true and sincere. We were usually sad and emo at night in those 3 days but the next day, we act like nothing has happen. He made me feel so. Loved. 

On 1st of October, I decided that, maybe I should just give him a chance. & today, we've entered our 6 months 9 days together. Half a year! & we're still loving each other like no other. Usually most of my relationship well turn sour by now, but with him it's different :* He can still make my tummy full with butterflies. I love him. 

Main reason I wrote this post was to clarify my position and his position in both our lives. I've been hearing rumours bout me dating a married man and yknow it ain't true :/ his ex-wife has left him and his son. and they both found me on the way. now we're all happy together yayy. 


Evans. Xavier. Me.

People has often ask me how do I feel that my boyfriend has a son. Honestly I don't feel the need to feel anything? Now, I am attach to his son that I tend to call him my own son ;') && I love them both so muchhh. If they're happy, I am happy 


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