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  RIP Democracy
Posted at 5/06/2013 04:00:00 PM
This afternoon I've encounter something so disgusting, so pitiful , coming from people living around us. Living in Malaysia. Known as the ugly truth for some of those who had yet to wake up from their wonderful dreams of free money & free laptop .

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-40-34_zpse52867be.png

(Translate : Alhamdulilah. Barisan National has been given the mandate to continue administering this country . It's time that we set aside all political differences and together we move forward for our beloved Malaysia )

I encounter this status by our "beloved" Prime Minister and few thousands of comments from his beloved rakyats. Bad and good . & I was having a rough day already, and to read comments that pisses me off, really took its toll on me. 

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-39-00_zpscfa09c8c.png

(Translate : Arezlan Insomniac : Hear yee Malay people. Look! Look at this 1 race that knows nothing about gratefulness. yet they are living in rich in Malaysia. But they still want to mock and feel dissatisfaction . This is an example of communism . Reality , the Chinese race only want to live in their own world even though they are stepping on other people's place . Wake up ! Come we unite . Become 1 to protect our place )

== *gets ready fish*

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-39-35_zps694bfe60.png photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-39-40_zps629204ae.png

(Translate : @arezlan : Malaysia is not only for the Malays. It is also the country of the Chinese and the India. We cannot be said to be stepping other's land, because this is our land too. Because we gain independence together with the Malays. Because we are not suppose to be called Chinese, Malay, India but supposedly be called a Malaysian. You don't have to feel big just because the government puts the Malays first, this was not meant to happen in the first place. This is why, the multiracial in Malaysia fight with each other. Then comes a big head person such as you. This is why we want a change in the government. Not only our present government treats and side the Malays too much but also because they are dirty and full with corruption. Open your eyes ! Even though the government treat the Malay very nice, but what happens to the other races ? Being put aside and not given the same treatment . Please do not be so selfish . )

Then comes this person who pisses me off more & is the inspiration for me blogging now. 

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-36-43_zps7cec72f5.png

(Translation : Zuzaila Zue : Hey Priscilla. You forbidden you drink drunk only , cigarette dealers, killer in silent , gamble till bankrupt . Really not pure ah you. Puii )

And there I was doing the pokerface thinking how does Zuzaila Zue even knows me ? or knows that I am all of the above. I mean where do they get these things? They learn from Najib is it ? Learn to defame innocent people. Ya ya , supporters of Najib , all learn his tricks . For all we know, they even learn his latest magic trick as well. And they're gonna use it in examination or even in the office after this. Tsk  . Anyways, people who really know would know that I do not drink and get drunk as I don't have the time to even drink . -_- I have no body to get cigarette from to bring in and I don't even smoke . I've certainly never killed anyone, OH WAIT. I REMEMBER. THAT TIME WHEN I ACCIDENTALLY MADE MY SIMS STARVE. AND SHE DIED. Then I load back my past saving of the game and TAADDAA my Sims is alive again and she has no memory that I accidentally kill her. wooopss we have a badass here (._.) Oh, and lastly , I can count the times I've gambled. and it's not more than 5 == and that's during Chinese New Year . and yet I never finish my angpaos money on the day I got it due to gambling. Some people wanna fight but they know they lose, yet they still wanna continue, usually end up talking like Zuzaila Zue. Don't even know what is she talking about == I pity people like this :( omg. 


 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-56-32_zpsa1087579.png

(Translate : Zack Wffw Zaaba : congrats Dato Sri Najib . After this , priotize the Malays first . It's so obvious that the Chinese want to rule Malaysia . Don't give face to those Chinese race . We will not be at loss if we push those Chinese people away . Hopefully we , Malays will be more stronger after this ) 

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-53-17_zps3570fa12.png

( Translate : Dayangku Marshuree : The Miri people were drunk of tuak that's why DAP won . Bumiputra don't know thankful . Not long more Miri becomes a Chinese ruled-land . Feel this la )

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-52-06_zps78c6d4e1.png

( Translate : Dayangku Marshuree : True. Support Pas that's why the (some) Malays confuse go and vote DAP)

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-50-46_zps682d03aa.png

(Translate : Siti Zubaidah Hassin : Whoever hates Najib go live other place la. Don't live in Malaysia anymore)

I don't know what this few Malaysians are thinking. & they keep saying that they don't want any racial disruption happening in the country yet they still continue on dissing about the other race == As I observe between all those comments, the Chinese and Indians did not scold the Malays but scolded Najib yet the Malays scolded the Chinese and Indians like nobody business :( I am not trying to promote or provoke any race here, all I am trying to say is what happen to that 1Malaysia? You keep using 1Malaysia here and there yet we are not 1Malaysia. But 1Malay 1Chinese & 1Indian . And I even read 1 Malay saying "those Malays who didn't vote BN are traitors of the nation" and I'm like WTF. I couldn't find the comments back and screenshot. sadly :( haiz

 photo Screenshot_2013-05-06-14-51-02_zpsfa023b19.png

I really salute what Sonika Selvaraj said . And it is very very true, 


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