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Posted at 5/06/2013 01:55:00 AM
Dear blog,

During the 15 days of campaign , all of us were happy joining the fight along side with the opposition, Pakatan Rakyat. We were so confident we would get it this time. We are so tired of being robbed even in the day light. We are so tired of being robbed in the open, right in from of us. 

Tonight, as I was sitting anxiously with my boyfriend, watching the results from various sites, mainly Facebook , from 8.30pm till 11pm . Then he sent me home. My mum had asked me about the results for this year election . So I happily told her, "Mum, I think PR will be government this time after all. They are leading 50+ to 20+" . So I quickly switch on my laptop , hoping PR would increase their seats. But at 11.30pm when I did, to my horror I saw a piece of news. "Black out. Recount. BN won" . But earlier on when I checked, PR won . I've always thought our Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak was a sneaky corruption person bribing not only rich people, but poor rakyat as well. Who knew he was a magician as well, or maybe a wizard? changing every mortal into magician. Several cars in Semenanjung were stopped, and ballots box out of nowhere pop out. I am ashame. Ashame to call myself a Malaysian. Now more and more of my friends will migrate to overseas. Even my Facebook friends are blacking out and feeling all depress. 

People say they don't want Anwar to become Prime Minister as he once enter jail . Another said, Anwar wanted to sell us to US (well if he did, wouldn't that be a jolly. we wouldn't have to experience democracy's death) . How I see it, if Najib & Taib were strip off their jobs, they would have gone to jail ages ago . So what is the difference between them all ? The time of being in jail ? The reason ? Just because Najib give us money, give us laptop doesn't mean we should vote for him . He give us, we accept. We are grateful . But this is no reason for us to vote for him . We vote who we think is right, and who we think is just. Not who gives us free stuff everyday and rob us behind our backs, and use the money they rob from us, to get us cheap stuff or even give us RM500 that they dub could last a year. 

Reading the Barisan National's twitter account. They kept on retweeting fans of BN talking good about BN. But when I tweet them, either good or bad or just a neutral question, they never reply me. Sometimes I wonder how BN fans feel like ? Do they know the person they support is the greatest magician alive? Do they know the person they support is the most coward person who's afraid to lose so much that loosing the trust of majority of his rakyat is nothing compare to loosing? What is he? Afraid his other Prime Minister friend will laugh at him for loosing ?

"Just & Fair they say. Clean election they say. Democracy they say" 

Sometimes I wonder how does it feel like to be Najib ? Having such a thick face ? Doesn't he know everybody around him , every where , even overseas, are mocking him , mocking us ? Doesn't he realize that? Or , he does realize it . and go back home to sleep and comfort himself that we are just some meanies in high school , trying to pick on someone who isn't our size to pick on and that he shouldn't feel intimidated. This is most probably the most shameful , dirtiest election around . I feel like we're living in a dictatorship country . Thank God, Najib doesn't have a troop of soldiers shooting us . oh well, look at the bright side...

Oh well Najib, here's another sentence you could use every night to comfort yourself whenever you read hatred comments towards yourself  "Look at the bright side, I've unite the country just like I always wanted. 1Malaysia. woohoo" . ya ya. Unite as to hate you . HAHA oh well. look at the bright side Najib, Look at the bright side. 



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