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  Goodbye A Levels
Posted at 6/24/2013 12:26:00 PM

Some of my classmates while in A Level. 

Finally , done with my 1 year course in Segi. When I first entered A Levels(consists of Law, Business, Accounting) , I thought I would ended up just taking courses along the way and ended up joining the media. But then, along the way, I met friends, joined debate, enjoy and love fighting with people during debate, joined activities that nurtured my interest towards law, thought of pursuing Law. But in the end, I gave up on Law. & decided to pursue on Accounts stead. Law was super hard, and it isn't the path for a lazy ass like me. Plus, I can't really fight or argue that well cause I tend to say wrong things. And, the love for numbers grew in me. so guess, Accounts is the way. Unless something else changes my mind. I still wanna join Mass Communication tho. But then again, I've already wasted a year siting in A Levels classes. Might as well just take which ever 3 to study in the future. :/

Anyways, my 1 year in Segi ain't so bad. Met lots of friends & created enemies along the way . Became the President of a club , and get to present a speech in front of the freshmans. Just like me HAHA. I felt like my 1 year being in Segi, equals to 3 years cause I've tried a lot of things . I even co-organize Prom last year, join Famine where I starve for 30 hours with bunch of college mates and also, assign as escorts to bring people into the dinning hall during I-Send-weft & I even met 3 pretties along the way. And most of the college mates have known, we accidentally got named as the Strawberries group lol wonder how it happen :/ ohwell, not bad. cause Strawberries are fat and full of juice. HAHA just like us. 

Me, Chiaw Fui, Lee Sin & Shannen.
Chiaw Fui is the kind of person that acts evil to amuse her friends haha she don't mean it. For example like, she'll say me fat. Then I will pretend sad. haha but she's the only one that has full confidence among us 4. Whenever we say we're fat, she'll be like, "I'm thin" . HAHA or whenever we say, "I look ugly today" she'll be like, "I'm pretty today and everyday" :D
Lee Sin is the type that loves to diet. The first time I ate Mcd with her, she took out the bun from the fish o fillet, and only eat the fish fillet =.= first time I see . but then, she's changed !! Thank God. She likes to keep fit and diet. && every time she does that, we all be like, "here food . eat lee sin" with the angry face. or else, we'll guilt her haha. she's soooooooooo thin and she's soooooo pretty yet she still feel insecure . HEHE
Shannen... I always call her Shannie Boo cause it sounds cute :O chiaw fui boo. lee sin boo. haha doesn't fit well unlike Shannie boo. :P We like to bully each other. And at times, we can debate together. My favourite memory with her should be those times when we debated together. Awhh. She's pretty and nice ! When you see her or don't know her that much, you'll think that she's like those bitches that doesn't give a damn unless you're famous or pretty. But she's different :D she's super nice, and playful and fun :) 1 of those that is fun to look at when I forced them to eat fatty food with me. Aside from Lee Sin :B

Those times when we would sit down in cafe, and gossip, and talk crap, and talk about bfs, laugh like shit, play games and eat. Miss those moments. Now I can't have it back. Unless we go to the same college and study the same thing again. :) Even tho it's just less than a year, but it feels that I've known them for years. The first gang I had that don't fight with each other, or bitch about each other. The same people who got me in love with strawberries, salads, and also the same bunch that got me obsess with mirrors. OH OH. and, looking girly. Anddddddd. :O got me paranoid about being fat. haha. also the same bunch that inspire me to exercise even tho I've yet to start exercising. But I'm there B)

Prom 2012 . My first prom :]
I didn't really have that much friends while being in A Levels. I did have friends . Just not that close. I do have more than them classmates but I chose to minimize my close friends. I remember that night, I was the emcee. And Shannen became 1 of the candidates for Prom Queen. She didn't win tho . :/ Sadly . But itsokey. Prom was an eye opener for me .  It open me to my weakness and mistakes that should not be repeated . It also open my eyes, during those prom's meetings, how juniors always gets bullied . Other than me, there's another junior who had troubled speaking English, gets tease by seniors. :( Wasn't a really nice sight cause nobody's perfect. I remembered the reason why I stopped going to those meetings anymore, yea, I'm a coward. Because I do not want to be the only want being blamed T_T when others has their flaws. The last meeting, I felt as if, only me that was at fault cause I was scolded like shit. && when I tried to voice out, I got scolded even more. Oh come on, they didn't even prepare pens for the people to tick their chosen Prom King & Queen. T_T some people had to use lipstick to tick. whut shit. happy sad post become angry sad T_T fml .


Look ! Strawberries :3

Anyways, 1 of the most random experience I've had was , a guy randomly come and sit beside me during an event, and tell me he likes me and asked me to become his girlfriend. HAHA. so random . Thank God got people call him at that moment. Cause I don't know how to say no. XD another random moments should be the time when I didn't have to do anything to become the President of Photography club. I suck at both being boss and taking pictures. But then, we did have our BBQ. I guess club members were not committed enough .


Those days when I have to wake up at 7.30am just to get ready to go to school :3


No longer known as a law student cause wouldn't be taking law anymore. Might be Accounts student or hopefully Mass Comm student in the future. :D ahhh those moments when I tell people I study Law and they'll be like awhhh so clever but actually I flunk law like shit . woooo . It wasn't entirely my fault to begin with !! Anyways, A levels exam just ended. I've so much time in the world, yet so little to spare. I wanna work. But it's hard to find office hours jobs. I'm still not used to planting grapes at home(mengANGGUR[grapes](unemployed)) . I'll still think that I have classes tomorrow, or I have to study for exams at night. Now, night it's like movies every night with Evans. or find friends to hang out with. Or just go shopping. Still not used to it HAHA. :P


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