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  First operation
Posted at 7/16/2013 09:07:00 AM

Must document my first surgery down & also my first stay at the hospital ! HAHA

Last Wednesday(10th of July) was my first time going through surgery and I had to stay at the hospital for the night. I had a tumour growing in my right arm. Previously it was a lump I got from young when I ran around like monkeys at my aunt's house and knock onto the edge of the table :X Then, last last Saturday, I notice that the lump was growing, and it started to hurt. And I started to have difficulty carrying heavy things. Even driving was a hard task for me . I told my parents on Sunday, and on Monday my dad took me to the hospital. But was in vain cause doctor weren't in. Then I came back on Tuesday, took an MRI :( I think MRIs are scary because I have to stay inside the machine for an hour. and between the hour, the nurse came in and injected me with some substance to enable the machine(?) to capture the picture of my tumour clearly. During the hour in the machine, I felt so compressed. Felt like crying and escaping from there. But nurses told me that if I move, I would have to do it over again . HAIH . so I tried multiple attempts to keep myself calm. But each time I heard the sound of the machine , I failed to stay calm . Why am I so weak :[ 

The next day, I went to the hospital and I wasn't allowed to eat before surgery. My brother's girlfriend told me, it's because general anesthetic side effect is nausea and vomiting. Yea. I wouldn't want that :X so despite boyfriend's attempt to feed me with 1 tiny bit of rice, I bulge. Scare. OH , during lunch, boyfriend had the courtesy to eat beside me. and the smell == so tempting. and I was hungry. Plus, the things that were showing on TV were all talking about Ramadhan food. OH, it was a coincidence that on the day I wasn't allow to eat, was also the day the Muslim started to fast . 

At 1.20pm , my parents were on the way from home , and my boyfriend and my xiao di was at the hospital accompanying me . Then the nurse came in with a wheel chair (y) . and drag me on it to the surgery room . I was trembling cold. My hands were numb and blue. I was that scare . I was mostly scare of what it feels like to be under anesthetic. Yea. It felt like sleeping without dreams . Anyways, when I arrive surgery room , I was poke and things were dab on me. But my surgery hadn't start yet. It only started an hour after. In the 1 hour, I was talking to nurses trying to calm myself down . :P HAHA. we talked crap . and I kept holding 1 of the nurse's hand to calm myself . Then suddenly everything got dark , I meant the doctor came in and the lights were close :O then things, really got darker. OH now I remember why I was afraid. I was afraid I would wake up during surgery and I'll feel the pain but numb and unable to tell the nurses. yea. Too much googling ==

But after surgery, the disabled my anesthetic , and all of a sudden, I was crying . I felt it . But I couldn't stop, and I couldn't open my eyes or move myself , :O I guess I was pretty scare . I called out to my boyfriend. and just listening to his voice calms me down ;') he said I cried very loud and for 15 minutes == 

So, that was my experience being in an operation . It made me feel the need to exercise more , eat healthy so I wouldn't end up being in the hospital for being sick again :[ 

And today, my right arm feels weaker, yet stronger than the day after operation as I could now type on the keyboard and hold spoon properly . Hopefully can drive soon :X

Say hi to the thing that has been inside my arm for 14 years !! :3 BTW , tumour is benign . Thank God :]


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