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  I want to drive again
Posted at 7/17/2013 01:03:00 PM

I am bored :( 

It has been like 381410941 days since I last drove the car to go out , out of boredom :| Go and meet Cheng when boyfriend is busy working . Meh . Okay maybe I may have exaggerate a bit. Technically , it just have been only, *checks calendar* 9 days ? The last time I drove was last Monday . Ah ~ How I wish I can drive , I would drive out and buy myself some cereal and milk and eat it at home. Listening to the ads on Hitz and at times songs. 
Now it's like I'm either watching series or online . Mostly online . Then when I have no one to stalk or nothing to do online, I'll just lie down on my crib and watch Big Bang Theory all over again . Shrugs. I don't know what I miss the most apart from being able to drive tho  . Working or going to classes. Can't wait to have a life during the day again ! HEHE. 
Okay . What's new that I have not blog about. hrmm oh , I've recently took up an interest in online boutique. I sell clothes on Facebook . haha I know it's super random and not what I am, but taking up Business and Accounting in college took its toll on me. It's called , Xavier's Boutique named after boyfriend's son whom I address as my own now . hehehe . It's almost a month since I open it. And so far so good. At times I can get very busy dealing with customers . and other times, I'm just looking at my supplier's catalog for more. It's kinda fun . Especially when I've nothing to do . & I can shop too.  lol 


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