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  Mcdonald's minion craze
Posted at 7/18/2013 01:20:00 PM
Before I start my post, all pictures were taken from either Facebook or Instagram. Mostly hashtag Mcd on Instagram . Some came with credits, but some, to protect the rights and face of the Instagram owner, I took the liberty to crop out their names. Unless you want your name to be reviewed , then comment me ! OH, and if you happen to see your Instagram picture below, or your face on any of these Instagram pictures, do comment as well ! I am very well sorry that I took these pictures without permission , but hey , the Internet is a free world & I did write a disclaimer. Thank you & have a nice day!  


Resent me of what, but I just have to blog about this for my kids to read in the future. Recently, there's been this trend whereby people start to get crazy for minions ever since the movie Despicable Me 2 released on the 4th of July. And Mcd uses this as an advantage to make toy promotion for their Happy Meals. I think this should be the fastest selling Happy Meal toys ever in Mcd's history. I guess? Cause even in the 24 hours Mcdonald in Kuching, the toy sold out as fast as 10 minutes the moment the clock strike 12am on the 18th of July. Wow. Last week , the minion were sold out in just 1 morning, and the previous week , sold out by 6pm on the first day . Not sure what sorcery is this . But when I vow to collect them, I seriously did not see this coming. Especially pictures below. 


My favourite caption xx






& lastly, this is Kuching's 24 hour Mcdonald.

The last batch of minions was sold like hotcakes. A lot of people were willing to line up just to grab em minions. & a lot of people "were" and "is still" worried that they won't have any stocks left. Chill. Although it is the trend, but I still don't see the need to line up like this in the middle of the night , under the rain -_- But then, this is how the minions in Kuching were sold out just within 10 minutes. Minion rush indeed.




Not to show any dissatisfaction here but all these photos were taken just recently after the last batch of minions release. I know it is non of business to say something about it, but I would really love to shout my opinion out.


Yes, I am a minion fan. I would love to collect those minions. But people who bought them in bulk make it hard for some people to have the collection . And even after Mcd released its statement whereby 1 receipt is only limited to 4 happy meals and in order to get the toy we must buy a happy meal. Previously, I was told that you can even get it for RM3 each if you buy 1 Happy Meal . But I still think that 1 receipt limits to 4 Happy Meals isn't good enough. Let's say if I were to come with 5 friends excluding me, that would be 6 heads. and we each bought 4 Happy Meals, in resulting to having 24 minions a group. Then I pay my 5 friends and take the rest of the minions as a collection . Now how is that fair -_- And plus it makes the minions sold out as equal fast as previous. Okay, maybe not as fast. But seems like the last batch sold out thrice as fast as the previous one. ==
And I personally think Mcd target audience for these toys are little kids. First, because each comes with a Happy Meal. and Second, because if they wanted to target adults, they would have done it like the Hello Kitties. They would have earn more like that. I resent Mcd for not setting a quota for toys to be release daily. -_- Haiz.



I think Mcd should have made 1 head 1 Happy Meal. It is hard that way , and people might cheat but at least I think it won't be sold out that fast. -_- and setting a quota as well, might help by a lot. especially crazy minion fans who waited under the rain for 1 hour for the toy -_- or, crazy minion fan who undergo operation and unable to go Mcd to buy the toy on the first day. Yea, especially that -_- itsokey. I can always go find the minion plushie doll online. At least I don't have to line up -_- -_- .... I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THE MINIONS WERE SOLD OUT IN 10 MINUTES. WHAT SORCERY .


Oh and I found this very interesting post. -_- yea, I know it's not only this person that takes advantage by buying a lot and selling it more expensive elsewhere. but I . Really resent this person .


Just to be clear, yes I would love a minion toy. But I wouldn't be that crazy to line up for an hour just to get them . Yes, I have intentions to collect them in the first place, but after looking at all this people that are willing to line up just for it, makes me feel -_- it's just a toy . And, I am particularly angry at people who buys it in bulk just to sell it out. I am also angry at people who buys it in bulk, and keeping it for themselves . -_- Yes, I am jealous because I am a minion fan. But I tell myself, "Nawp Pris . You are not that desperate" . I can just get the plushie where it is big and nice to hug to sleep , and it is more worthy . & for me I think what's worst is that kids who go for Happy Meals for the toy will no longer be happy. Because adults snatch their toys away ! wtf

-At Mcdonald-
Kid : mummyyy I want Happy Meal ! I want the toyyy. I wonder what's the toy this week :D
Mum : okayyy honey. 1 Happy Meal chicken burger please. And ice milo . What's the toy this week?
Mcd staff : I'm sorry . the toy for this week is sold out already

Kid : 

Before I end this, I would love to apologize to whom I may have insulted along the way. I know it is non of business, but hey, everyone's subject for an opinion aite. Chill . If you have the patience to line up and wait just for plastic minion toys, that I guess you would have the patience to not get super angry if this post has insulted you in anyway. Peace (y)

In Penang.


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