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  Anniversary plus birthday
Posted at 10/18/2013 11:34:00 PM

Hello helloo.. Sorry for the crickets presence in my blog. phew. it has been awhile since I've posted anything proper. But since, 3 important events has just pass, I might as well write something down. Teehee. 

First of all would be my first anniversary with Evans. It has been a year plus since we got together last year on the 1st of October, 2012. & I'm glad to have known. Even more glad that I chose to spend my time and life with him . & it all started with us having KFC together at Spring during lunch on the date last year. This year, we decided to spend our anniversary the same thing we did during lunch last year at the very same spot as well ! #challengedone Although he can be super annoying sometimes, but most of the time, I need him as a place to lean and throw myself at. Not just cause his tummy is comfy, but also, his presence by my side comforts me . & I am glad he is mine.  

The next most important event is my birthday. On the 14th of October. I spend my birthday with my Strawberries on the 12th, and family on the 13th. 

My Strawberries and I had lunch at a nice Italian diner named Bella Italia . Super love their lasagna! And I just realized that all this while, that I ate the pizzas at Kuching Central food court, which I love so much belongs to Bella Italia! Nom Nom. Anyways, my Strawberries surprise me with a cake, and a cute birthday hat.  Had so much fun with them hopefully we're able to meet and talk again. 

The next night, I went to some chinese restaurant and ate super yummy "manicai" . Thanks to lil baby Xavier, we enjoyed some of his cute acts. HAHA. nothing much , just glad to have my family with me for my birthday this year. My sister got me 2 type of cakes. Red velvet and chocolate which I sinfully eat the next 2 night and ended up having a hard time sleeping due to sugar rush . Aside that, I also suffer from gaining too much weight and being uberly fat :( sad. 

Evans got me a pink Instax mini 8  

Pictures edited by my little sister == Big ass Elmo given by my girlfriend, Cheng 

On the 16th of October was Evans' birthday so we went to celebrate at Secret Sanctuary a night before. Written on the cake was "Happy Birthday Fat Pig & Fatter Pigger" ... after I ordered the cake, my mom called and warn me not to celebrate my birthday late otherwise it be a bad luck. Initially thought of celebrating it with Evans but..... Anyways, Secret Sanctuary is a nice place to chill with lots of inspirational quotes. This is a place I think suitable for people who are demotivated in life. Furthermore, this place offers varieties of facilities such as fish spa :D it feels like being in a jungle. The downfall was that the place is full with mosquitoes. But that isn't a choice for them, the place is basically filled with green trees and plants. 


Pretty much sums up my October :D until then.....


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