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  Belated Valentine 2014
Posted at 2/28/2014 11:59:00 PM

Realized there is a Valentine post for each year I actually have a Valentine but not this year because of my uberly lazy self. Also, don't have that many time to spend in front of the laptop anymore because I'm uhhh.. K I lied. But still, I am lazy. And demotivated to blog. But figure since I manage to enter my dream school & take my dream course this year, maybe I should start to blog more to practice writing and grammaring. see how la :D

Anyways this year Valentine, Evans suggested we take as many photos as possible. Possibly 50 to remember the day. But too bad, I spent most of my time during the day in a beauty center getting my leg and hands done courtesy by Evans Ng haha. First time he agrees to pay for my pedi/mani. 

#likeaboss mode :D


Midnight supper at 12am , on Valentine's night 

Before sending Xavier to school 

After the beauty center, secret recipe & roti canai shop we went to town to survey for restaurants for the night and stumbled upon a cute decorated beetle. HAHA so cute. and we thought how ridiculous the price of gifts were. OH OH, I got him a few things to compensate for unable to afford his "wish" . Got him a wallet, a zhuge liang limited edition fan, a starbucks tee ;) and a big frame with 5 slots .  

My love 
And his customize Starbucks tee that he wanted so much ever since last year ahahaha. 

I think I looked pretty here so I wanna post lololol. #selfobsessed  #ootn #okaywhysuddenlygothashtagone

Dinner was at Magenta restaurant where the food was overpriced. I think it's a cliche to have expensive gifts and expensive bills during restaurant, although it felt useless but it was only for that day... So *comfort selfs* hahaha if anybody wondering why am I comforting myself, it's not cause I paid, I didn't pay at all that day, but then again maybe I did, cause his money is my money and for 2 main, 1 desert and 1 starter everything cost almost RM200. crap! could have gone elsewhere. But oh well........ 

If anybody wondering what he got me for Valentine, it's this...

I called it SBH-20. Mainly because this model is called SBH-20. It's a Sony bluetooth headset cum mp3 player, not stand alone though who can argue with it's superbly cute design! It's so cute I actually fell in love with this on the first sight! He went to different places just to find this pink one cause you know, pink is so cute and everybody loves it ehehehheheheheheh .

K super cute love picture to end the post ;)


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