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  Chinese New Year 2014
Posted at 2/02/2014 12:27:00 AM
Suddenly felt inspired to blog from reading a very old blogger just now. HEHE. Anyways, the most recent events of my life is Chinese New Year . Every year ever since young, continuously in a row I would follow my family to visit relatives and friends. But this year is different cause of a very long story, I helped my boyfriend at his open house on the first day. & it was tiring. Lots of people came but all I had to do was to control little Xavier. Bad enough that he didn't get enough rest the previous night. So he was super grumpy the next day. He didn't even get to afternoon nap long :/ 

My family came to visit as well. Only got instant photos of them :/ but it's still better than nothing. The previous night we went to Pizza Hut to have our reunion dinner. Aw. 

Lion dance!

"Huh what you looking at?!"

Tong tong tong tong chianggggg

Always love to watch them to their dance and eat orange at the end. Looks so cute! Too bad couldn't really enjoy it cause Xavier was scared and he kept on whinning how scared he was at the same time wants to watch it too. haha oh Xavier ~ But then again, they came again on the second day which is today, and Xavier wasn't that afraid. I manage to convince him that these lions don't eat people, cause they only eat orange. So we stood afar and watched. Now I'm wondering whether these are call lions and dragons? Some call them lion dance and some dragon dance. Hrmmm. #culturemisplacemoments lol . sad half chinese blood me . 

I don't know why are we so cute! These are taken in the evening when Xavier was in his good mood haha


Just love the quality of these photos! Taken using the boyfriend's Xperia Z1. 21 megapixel ulalala omggg!!
But the only phone that can be compare with a DSLR is still Nokia Lumia 1020. 41 MEGAPIXEL!!!! Not enough still CARL ZEISS LENS AH.... Actually I have always love Nokia Lumia's cameras. Super clear! No matter what megapixel as long as it's carl zeiss. 

Guess that pretty much sums up my first day of Chinese New Year. Very tiring. At the end, couldn't really feel my legs and hands. & at night, Cheng came and stayed till almost 12! Too bad didn't get a camwhore picture with her. Was busy holding sleeping Xavier. Actually that is an excuse whoopps. Actually forget to camwhored till she went back. We had so much fun talking and we talked non stop. #bestfriends. So yea. 


Second day of Chinese New Year I went visiting with my boyfriend, Xavier and my sister. We went to the boyfriend's grandparents house then his friends house. And at the third house, his friend's house, I met 2 lovely babies. And I fell in love with the baby girl. omg so cute! 1 of the ladies said that she sleeps for 20 hours and only stay awake for 4 hours. so easy to take care compare to all the stories I heard about newborn babies. I have my baby next time also liddat lollll . But not fun also la if sleep too much. Can't play and camwhore with them :D

Sister, Xavier, Me and Darren (Friend's brother) . Darren so cute lor! He asked his sister in law like this, "you married my brother right? so my brother is your brother also right?" HAHAHHA we laughed. and the sister in law reaction was like, "I married your brother, he is my husband and your brother la!" haha so cute on little kids!

Baby, me , Xavier and sister. I kept holding the baby cause she was so tiny and light and cute till Xavier got jealous and asked me to carry him. haha cute one him. Before that, he was caressing the baby. 

me and sister :D

Xavier and sister :D

Us and tiny baby 

Then we went back 7 minutes before the Lion dance came . :D yay. and that pretty much sums up my second day . lol. Nothing much. ended up sleeping with Xavier till 7 then go out to eat and come back and yea. 



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