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Priscilla Tawie
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  5 years from now
Posted at 3/01/2014 12:31:00 AM

Dear 25 years old me,

If you are reading this, means you still have this blog and is still publishing in it . I am now, at this moment 20 years old (have yet to reach tho) and our blog is currently 5 years plus old and in another 5, it will be 10 years!! In 5 years I am hoping that you have achieve the following : graduate mass communication with flying colours . As we both know, this course has always been our first choice ever since primary school so I figure since it has always been an interest to us, you should be able to pass it without any boundaries ! I know I am adding this pressure on to my shoulder now but know this that 5 years later , you, the 25 years old me will know why . I hope you are working . Is it good working as a journalist ? Assuming you are cause that's the reason why I took this subject hehe . Anyways , since you are already 25 and it only takes us 3 years to graduate , I'm assuming that you are married already with Evans and by then Xavier would be 8 years and is attending primary school . Also Evans might bug you to get a daughter , k I know we both wanted a daughter ... oh plus Evans would be 3 of us . Plus you and me hehe .... Anyways , by then you should have 2 kids right ?? 1 Xavier and another 1 is either Pascal or Xepher . If you have Pascal then yay for us and nay for Evans wallet . If you have Xepher, a son then it's okay . You can go for the third one , but only 3 kids alright ! & you might be disappointed as well considering all the girly dresses you can buy for your daughter but it is not for you to decide , so just appreciate cause Xepher will be the Apple of both you and Evans . He will take your eyes and maybe Evans nose . Whatever it is , he is still your son . In any case you got a daughter instead then I am sorry for nagging on this .
Next is uhm, you most prolly be living in your own house by then ... do taken note that we both planned to have flower themed living room and bedroom and kitchen and toilets . I hope you have done a great job in decorating because your home is your living sanctuary and I know you know that we both love this theme so much !! And I know you would wanna poop on pink toilet hehehehhehhe ... and then cut an Apple with a flower knife . It might cost a bomb tho , that's why I needed you to have a great money paying career by then ! Hmmm what else ? Guess that's all for now! Will write to you soon hoping you will read them and remember me then because my decisions were your decision & I just .. I don't know ? Wanna remind you that I will always have your back !

P/s sure wish you could write to me back considering the many bad days I am currently having for you know what reason , just hope I could feel more motivated knowing how my life will end up ... uhh.. yea so wish you could write back to me too but it is impossible but it's okay I still love you lots!

Love 20 years old me .


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