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  blog once more?
Posted at 8/20/2014 11:40:00 PM

Normally I would use the center format for most of my blog posts, but after writing assignments for 1 semester, I've already gotten used, and gotten to like justify. So, hello long forgotten blog that nobody reads anymore. Just thought that I might relive you once more, also to my convenience as I can continue on practicing my love for writing. So what's new?

 - Currently in my second semester at Lim Kok Wing studying Mass Communication
 -  Oh, not to be cocky, and yes it's only the first semester, but it's my first time being rewarded study-wise by getting 3.71gpa. mehehehhehehe congrats me.
 -  I've decided to blog again ?
Okay, last one bull crap. I've always say the same thing over and over again, yet, I still leave my blog to rot. Maybe I shall revive it by answering life's provoking questions once more.  Really need to work my brains up, and keep getting inspire to write inspiration writing. Found my fondness in that area, and feels that it'll lead me to somewhere.

Anyways, miss blogging lots. Feels like coming back every time I see my blogger friends post something on their blog. or even attend blog-events. But it really does feel good to write out my feelings/thought sometimes. Honestly, I am the kind of person that writes my feelings out. I'm not really good in speaking, and expressing myself. But when I write, I can literally write 2 pages on my current feelings. Though I've gotten more close to myself now ever since recent events, gossips and rumors. It just changed me from what I used to be. 

All my life, my parents have been teaching me to just lay low and not create much havoc and to always take care of our reputation. Up till now, I've been trying my very best to take good care of it, that sometimes I feel, it leads me to being a judgemental person. Trying to avoid what other teens are doing such as drugs, ciggs, and getting pregnant at a young age. So hard, that I couldn't see myself being married, like what age should I get married? And seeing people who are getting married because of love, makes me feel weird as well. Don't know why? Though I try my very best to stop thinking so negatively, but I kept feeling like I'm still in high school but fact is, I'm already 20! 

I don't I did change ever since high school. I feel like I still runaway from problems. I just can't seem to settle down and fix those problems. Not sure why? Maybe sometimes running away fixes a lot of problems. That's what I thought. But I am constantly told that I can't keep on running and I can't always be the nice guy. Sometimes, in this tough world, I just have to fight back, just for myself. Just once. But never once did I do it. I'm just not that kind of person. And I am still that kind since high school. 

I'll hide my true self behind each novels that I read. Then I'll forget who I once. Reading helps a lot in my life. Not just for entertainment, but each inspiring words I read, I feel like I am stronger. I feel like, that one sentence, gave me a push in life to move forward. 

"So can any one just run to the nearest supermarket and just pick up a bottle of happiness? Each individual wishes it to be possible, but the truth is, it’s not. It’s not possible to purchase happiness, because each one of us already owns it. It’s just a matter of whether we want to feel it or not."
Thought of this as I was concluding 1 of my writing this afternoon. Never felt so alive when I am writing. And yet, instead of facing my problems, I face words that came out of me. Hoping that one day.. I'll be strong.


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