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Posted at 10/26/2014 12:34:00 AM

For many, he is a teacher, an educator, a leader. His family, he is a father, uncle, husband. etc. For me, he is nobody. Never have I talk to him, or do I even know anything about him. For reading about him in the news recently, he taught me something. Life is fragile. Scenarios after scenarios rolled in my head after knowing it on the first day. How, the day before the accident, he may be at a coffee shop talking to friends, or accompanying his family in front of the tv. Little did anybody know. When the car pass, 1 hit ends everything. I could only imagine, his family driving to the hospital. I could only, scratch that, most of us, could only imagine the pain they have to go through knowing this sudden news. All the words they couldn't say to him anymore. Life, Like a swing, always swinging. And you never know when it'll stop. After the first swing, after the second? And when it stops, it may take a few more swings for the opportunity to be swinging again. But how long can it swing? A few more perhaps. The enjoyment we felt when we're on the swing. How long can it last? 

And when it stops, no matter how hard and bad we want to push it again, we can't. No, I'm no longer talking about the swing. I'm talking about life. You Only Live Once they say. But how long are you able to live once? Enjoy life with no regrets. Treasure those that are your treasures. Realize that everybody has a time on earth. And you'll never know when would yours be? or your parents? or yours spouses/partners? Because just 1 hit of a car, could end everything. 

RIP William Ghani Bina. 

"Sorry if I have offend anyone in this post. I am just feeling mellow tonight"



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