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Posted at 10/23/2014 11:15:00 PM
Open up to check on something, then suddenly feel like the night to blog. Came out with the idea to share my recents #OOTDs . Not that fashionable, but I always opt to wear something that's cute and as accordance to how I'm feeling at that moment. Sometimes when I'm super lazy, and feeling dry, or suffering from dry skin due to lack of liquid entering me (yes I'm stubborn in taking care of myself but a pro in nagging at others), I can be seen only clad in a simple tee, shorts and sandals/slippers. 

Shirt from a shop at CityOne, got it for wholesale price after purchasing 3 items at once. Although I don't think it's actually wholesale price though. Being familiar with wholesaling, RM20+ per shirt is pretty expensive for wholesale price. It's just some marketing bullcrap. Before being discounted to wholesale price, the shirt was originally RM30+ ! 

Okay, when I'm pretty hardworking, or when I'm going out to the movies or sometimes class, I'll just pair myself with a cute dress and choose the cutest footwear to fit. Sounds lazy though. Yes, I am that lazy to dress myself cause I'm not that creative or fashionable. And I just choose to wear things that I really like not what's on trend today. 

Jacket - China website ; RM20+ only
Dress - Cutout back dress ; RM18 

Same cut out bare back dress by Taily Weijl . Bought it for only RM18 at a shop at Moyan. The owner told me it was factory rejected but couldn't see why so I just bought it cause it's cute :D Paired it with my Something Borrowed clutch, and my Emilio Valentino heels. This picture was taken on by 2nd Anniversary with the boyf at Spring. hehe I still remember though, while I was at the bookstore, another girl wore the same dress too! I was soo... that I ran away. LOL

Yes, I'm lovin this jacket very much! Top is just a singlet from FOS and bottom high low mini skirt is from AD Jeans. Got it quite cheap as well as it was on Sale. Realized that I don't look that nice with skirts because of my wide hips though. So I seldom wear any skirts. 

Ahem. Taken from the side cause yea, from the front, I look kinda fat. High low top from Taiwan and skater skirt from Cotton On. Bought it for only RM15 at a Cotton On Sale in KL but kinda regret didn't try on it at first cause I got M size and it's way way big for me. And sometimes uncomfortable to wear cause it's loose. So, rarely wear this skirt. Also cause it makes my hips look bigger than usual. Currently looking for a smaller skater skirt though but seems limited and Cotton On Kuching doesn't seem to have them anymore. BTW, high cut lace shoes from Taiwan too! Love them so much that when I bought it, it was love at first sight even though it was the last pair. 

Dress from Downtown by Brands and grey sneakers from Cotton On. Meh. 

Super cute high low dress from Taiwan paired with the high cut shoes ehheehe Bought the dress from a wholesaler at Taiwan with only 100 TWD. Almost equivalent to RM10. SUCH A STEAL.

Top from Buttons Up and skirt from H&M KL. Shoes well, from Cotton On. Didn't feel like showing my face that morning, hence, picture like this hehe. 

Dress from Forever21. Makes me look kinda fat! and it's so expensive that I don't really wanna wear it sometimes. haha only on special mood day or when I feel really ugly LOL. 

Bought this dress from the so called wholesale price shop at City One. Initially cost RM45 but after buying 3 items, it only cost RM30+ I guess? Hair that day was pretty ugly. Seeing this picture then was an inspiration to grow my bangs out and do center parting. 

K that's all I can dig out from my Instagram :D Most of my clothing are bought at cheap prices mainly cause I need to save and also I'm quite stingy when it comes to buying things for myself. Like I must wait for the Sale to come or I'll just buy some factory reject cloths :D :D #cheapskate LOL but it's #truestory. But hey, stingy people are rich people. But then again, my money are mostly spent buying myself snacks or drinks. Or buying something nice for Xavier. hehehehehehehe 


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