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  Snowy and Cowy
Posted at 10/29/2014 11:11:00 PM

Today, I am gonna talk about my dogs. This is the first time I took in dogs as pets cause my mother was never fond with dogs being in the house compound. But finally got it cause the hubs was eager to care for one! So, on the 7th of September, we went to one of the SSPCA adoption campaign and we got Cowy, the black and white one. The following Saturday, they advertised for another campaign, and it was the first time laying my eyes on snowy. (on a picture of course) and I just knew she would make the perfect companion for Cowy. 

Sometimes I wonder the love of human beings. Can it be as great as dogs? haha Since Snowy love to bite Cowy's blanket, we no longer can give Cowy the privilege to sleep on a blanket. So Cowy normally would snuggle up with Snowy cause Snowy is pretty meaty and furry. haha

When we first adopted Cowy, she seems very afraid of us but the adoption campaign lady told us that it is normal for stray dogs, especially puppies who were abandon to feel scared at meeting their owners at first. Heck, even Snowy, the most playful one kept on hiding from us when we first got her. From under the car to behind walls. Was hard to get her to mix with Cowy cause she was like glue, stick to the walls. haha. And, "brooming" the car below was not fun as well. 

Snowy and Cowy definitely have two different personalities. Probably coming from different natures. Cowy looks to be the kind of dog that can look after your house, but when it comes to Snowy, all she does is play and eat and sleep. She doesn't even bark when she needs to poop! Sometimes when she's sad, she just lay down and cry. Unlike Cowy, she would bark at people fiercely. But want to say which is the bravest. Well, I think Snowy still. Cause whenever they both did something wrong, Snowy would be at the front looking fearless, trying to hide her fears, while Cowy be behind her hiding. haha. Cowy can be pretty discipline sometimes. But when Snowy is with her, she seems easily influence. We tried it before! By letting Cowy alone, nothing happen. But when Cowy and Snowy was out together, without us, they bite the shoes and run around, even messing the house front door carpet! And, twice they both dug the pineapple plant out! So naughty one! 

Intelligence-wise, both are around the same. Such as, Snowy responds to the "Sit" command and tend to be more attentive than Cowy sometimes when they're both being called. While Cowy barks whenever she has to pass motion. They both does their heavy toiletry business only at the garden btw. Which is quite okay already. Doesn't take much to train them where to take a dump too and it's only when they really can't stand it, they'll pass it in the cage. Which is very rare! Oh and Cowy can fetch! With treats. While Snowy, when ask to fetch, all she does is stare at the treats in your hands. haha . 

They both have definitely grown bigger than a month ago, and they both change a lot. They're more afraid of the hubby now cause of the way they were trained. And, these few weeks, they've been more and more discipline than before. And no longer cause any troubles. haha. I'm definitely gonna miss them when they're small and easy to carry. But I'm looking forward to knowing what else can they touched us with in the future.  

Can't believe she used to be so small. Honestly, having dogs as my furkids really change my perspective of them. I used to dislike dogs for their licking and I'm constantly thinking that every stray dogs are out to bite me. But after I got them, I start to realize that, strays are actually harmless. and, dogs are super friendly! They definitely have changed my life a lot. And I really like it a lot when they both lick me hehehehehe

Not sure how was Snowy life before us as this is the only picture I got of her before the adoption. How adorable! and yesss, she is still that lazy and quite a heavy sleeper, that whenever I walk pass, she wouldn't even notice. haha unlike Cowy. Maybe cause Cowy is forever alert. hahahaha 

Saw this few days before Cowy's adoption. Assumed its her and her siblings cause of their colours. and I can even recognized Cowy from this picture. She's the one in the box, popping out at the front. :') Read that she and her siblings was dump just outside the shelter. This is so saddd... It's no wonder that she's afraid of us when we first took her in. 

Anyways, the SSPCA are constantly having a campaign to adopt furbabies. I guess it's better to adopt than to buy. Cause more and more puppies are being dumped and abandon outside. Yes, most of the dogs are local telomian dogs but they share the same heart as other breed dogs. People normally look down at dogs of this breed, but, I notice something. When they smile, it's the most beautiful, smile ever. :) They might not be the colour or breed you want, but to them, you are their everything. 


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