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  Recap of 2014
Posted at 1/03/2015 10:39:00 PM
I know, it's a little bit too late, but hey, it's never too late to have a little recap of 2014.
Can't think of anything cheesy to say for the opening. I actually wanted to post this before the end of 2014, but I kept on procrastinating, and these few days, I got addicted to watching ClickNetwork videos (which consists of Xiaxue, Qiu Qiu etc). Super addictive cause it's funny.

Gonna start with the start of 2014.


I started my 2014 by ticking off 1 of my 2013 resolution - Lose weight / go to the gym to exercise and thus I did. I even bought this lock to lock my properties inside the locker (also cause it was pretty, and cheap) but, I only manage a month in gym because of insufficient time and plus, school starts in a month time.There are different methods other than gym, but I am just not motivated enough. Haha Should bring this resolution over to the new year though, I am very near to obesity sigh I did however start going to Zumba classes towards the end of the year, but I don't think it works because my weight maintains. But, I found out how fond of sweat whenever I do massive work out, which is something new to me in comparison to when I was in high school and lazy, always giving excuses during PE class. I was prolly one of those people who had countless of "period" in a month. 

Chinese New Year landed on the 31st January last year , and it was my first CNY serving at the boyfie household. Was a busy open house but all I had to do was take care of Xavier. Hehe   


February - the month of Valentine & it was my first proper Valentine with boyfie to be honest cause in the year 2013, during Valentine, he fought with his ex wife & it was also the day they had to sign their divorce letter. In 2014, I not only celebrated it with my fat boyfie, but also my thin boyfie ❤ hehe I still remember the day like it was yesterday. Drove around town thinking where to have our dinner since everywhere is booked ! (Oh I remembered now, that we spent 2013 Valentine's with candle lights and tapaoed KFC) in the end, we decided on celebrating it in Magna Carta, Waterfront... friggin expensive for the Valentines set. As usual. And the food was like.. like that .. restaurant food haha  

February was also the month which I started my school - New school, New course. Chose Lim Kok Wing to pursue my Mass communication (after failing A Levels) cause I've always wanted to since I was in high school. Always thought of Lkw as a place to build up, not sure why. But it was a good decision for me even though, I've gone through ups and downs being in that school. 


8th March was a tragic day for Malaysia Airlines as they lose a plane out of no where - Mh370 and even up till now, the disappearance of the place remains a mystery. 


Boyfie was into fishes and he got various kinds of fish and then he laid his eyes on fighting fishes. It makes a great hobby for me as he tried to breed them but this hobby lasted him only a month. It's also because , he initially wanted a dog but his mom objected it. So he divert his attention to fishes. Sadly for only a moment.  

May was also the month my Malaysian Study class organize a trip to DUN - Dewan Undangan Negeri. I was really excited to enter the government buildings, maybe due to numerous picture taking / staring at the building , it's just a pleasure to be able to enter . Learnt a lot especially how the government works with the law. Makes me feel excited for law once again. But law and me, will never work. Haha 

This is the first time being in class with all boys . But I'm glad to have gone through 1 semester with them because each of them possesses a trait that makes the class lively. This is the 5 of us, just finished with our presentation and thus finish with our classes for the semester . 


June is Xavier's month & we brought him to the crocodile farm. Cheng & Alvin tagged along too! We were so excited for it, and it's also the first proper birthday I had with Xavier (aside for his 1st birthday which I was told was a grand party but I didn't exist in their life yet, or they have yet to exist in my life then) . Xavier was super excited to watch the crocodiles fighting for meat , such an enjoyable day.

June is also the month we celebrated Father's Day & since my dad just got down from a flight, we decided to just celebrate it at home with a bucket of KFC and the cake that resembles my dad. Hehehheheh


After a tough year, finally a short vacation with boyfie, Xavier & bf uncle and grandma. Went to Sabah for a night before flying off to Taiwan. Such a memorable trip although there was not much I could buy. By not much I mean the sizes of the cloths there are mostly free size and by free size I mean cloths that could fit S - M only . God, the girls there are skinny. Meant to blog about my trip, but I procrastinated hehehe wooopps oh, boyfie did get a new phone there though - Zenfone 6 . He actually bought it twice there, the first one was from a seller who tried to get boyfie to buy a spoilt screen zenfone 6, luckily boyfie is clever and fast! He actually fought with the seller in order to get a refund. Hahaha   

Taiwan is beautiful & full of cheap stuff especially cloths . But then, it's not the country for me because I can't find any nice cloths for myself. But if I were to revisit it, I would definitely visit their largest bookstore that we didn't get to go because of some circumstances. Hehe 

Shortly after we came back from Taiwan, another aeroplane entered the news. Also by Malaysia Airlines - Flight Mh17 was shot down at Ukraine. It was indeed a sad news for us Malaysians to have 2 planes go down shortly 1 after the other. #ripmh17


Started my second semester with a pretty good result in semester 1 - 3.71gpa . But don't wanna get cocky because it's nothing unless I maintain 3.5gpa above until semester 6. Boyfie got me a recorder, but I barely use it for good use. Hmmm 

Went on my first school trip to Cultural village . Actually it's to attend an event and it's not my first time (first time was actually in semester 1 where I went to Pullman instead of 4points due to misunderstanding of venues. Furthermore the event started at 9am, and I was at Pullman hotel at 9am. From town to green heights, at least 10 minutes but boyfie manage to drive less than 10. Thank God.) but it was nice to get out of Kuching to attend events once in awhile.   

After the event, I even get to overnight at Damai Puri and it was Xavier's first time swimming . 2013 at One Santubong resort pool doesn't count cause we were barely wet due to milky looking water . Xavier didn't even like to use the float haha 

I discover 1 of my many talents in August too. That is to trace haha actually I knew I could trace from somewhere since before but I have to admit I drew (trace) some pretty awesome pictures up there. Oh! By trace I didn't mean, put over a tracing paper but more to using my eyes to copy from an image and paste it on the paper. But I guess this is a common trait. hehe

I also participated in writing an article for Happenings Magazine - a youth magazine available only in Sarawak. I chose to interview the creator of Miao & Wafupafu hehe was a new experience for me & I enjoyed my moments . 


Finally in September, boyfie got himself a pet dog on the 8th . Named her Cowy.

But cowy kept on barking at us to play with her , even at midnight that we couldn't stand it so we got her a companion - Snowy a week after we got Cowy. I'm really grateful to get to love them , & I can't believe they used to be so tiny. Haha now each dog, 1 pathway stone cause can't fit both in 1.


Celebrated our second anniversary like how we first met. Kfc at Spring for lunch. Haha the first picture was from our first anniversary btw. Been through tons of fights and frustrations, but despite all that, we still manage to stick together. 

October is not only the month of anniversary but also the month of both our birthdays. Mine first at 14, and his at 16. Celebrated our birthday on the 12 and 13 with our close friends by organizing a bbq and potluck. Had tons of fun and on the second day, we even manage to play truth and dare. Was pretty hilarious with all the stunts which included prank calls. Haha. Had so much laughter that night. 

Celebrated boyfie's birthday by treating him to dinner at Sidewalk. hehe


Jumped to December with the highlight of the month being me cutting my hair short. It was my first time ever since I hit puberty and was able to gain control of my hair cause my mom liked to bring me for a hair cut when I was younger. I practically snip off my middle back hair length up till shoulder length. It was a challenged from boyfie since I didn't have school till March and I have 2 months plus to grow my hair if I didn't like it. But honestly, I think I look great with short hair too. Lots of people came to me and told me how brave it was to shorten my hair . :') hahhaa

When this photo was taken, boyfie has already handed me down the z1 and I really took tons of selfie with it thanks to super awesome front camera. But after 2 weeks of owning it, I broke it by having it fall off the dining table. and the screen cracked, thus making the whole screen unable to work. Although I have drop my phones way to many time, but this is my first time getting my phone screen spoil. This is why I always use rubber casing because of my clumsiness. sigh. 

Towards the end of December, I got to meet another favourite blogger/comic artist - Bro, don't like that lah bro . Was so excited when I found out that he's coming to Kuching to do a meet and greet. And when I finally get to meet him , he told me that it's finally great to meet me outside Facebook. I must be so kepo in Facebook till he noticed me :'D don't know good thing or not. haha. but still a pleasure meeting him first hand. 

At the same day of meeting this comic artist,one of the plane from Air Asia subsidiary, Indonesia  was reported to have gone missing - QZ8501. Later learnt that the plane crash, and they are trying to find bodies of the victims. So far 10 + have been found. Such tragic incident :( December seems like a bad month for Malaysia too, as 8 states in Malaysia was flooded till the top of the roof.  To add on, since the end of December it has been raining cats and dogs for a moment, then stop, then rain again until now. sigh super bad weather condition to end the year. sigh

&& to sum up my 2014, makin it a tradition, boyfie, me and Xavier went to Damai Puri to end our year with a short.. or should I say a year long - from 2014 to 2015 vacation ;) Had so much fun this time because we were lucky to be getting the room by the kids pool . and the kids pool had 3 slides. :D So excited for the slides hahahaha 

Guess that sums up my pretty awesome year. Nothing hyped, just precious memories that I've collected throughout the year. I skipped few months because I don't have any memorable pictures of it in my Instagram (yes, all the pictures in my blog recently are originally Insta-pictures) and also I don't recall of anything good to remember in that month. 

Not gonna come up with a long list of resolution, just hope that 2015 will be a good one for me , and I hope I finally get to lose maybe the 10kgs I gained after meeting boyfie. No shit. and also, to be always be happy. The latter is the most essential. Yeah, I guess that's pretty much it in comparison to my past resolutions. 

Oh, just thought of 1, read all the novels I bought but never bother to read in 2014 cause I keep on reading the latest novels I bought and the one that I bought in between is left to collect dusts. lol 

Okay bye. 


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