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  Screwing things up
Posted at 1/10/2015 12:46:00 AM

I'm not sure who reads my blogs anymore if I don't promote them, or maybe after I promote them. It has been a while too long that I've written anything with credibility (except for my New Year's post that is full with Instagram pictures I took over the years) but now, I feel like writing 1 of my biggest flaw in life. - I always screw things up. 

&& it's not just relationship that I screw with. But also the way I present myself or how I typically won't think twice in pursuing something or, whether am I gonna hurt the next person I am talking to. The boyfriend understands this and he does scold me a lot for screwing things like my sentences, or when I get super clueless or when I go into my deep blank stares during urgent times. And, by a lot, I mean he scolds me literally every day, and it is possible, every hour. 

I feel even more terrible because I am unable to admit my mistakes, (yes I am admitting it now because nobody reads this, and this is just a mini rant) and I fight back even more. 

But I guess that's just me. Known as 1 of the most clueless person. 


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