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  Pre-birthday rants
Posted at 10/12/2015 10:27:00 PM

Quick post because I was feeling a little emotional due to my birthday coming soon, and I have just viewed the worse birthday post on this blog ever. Still hurts me deeply each time I remember. 

Is it just me or, do people get super emotional upon reaching their birthdays? 
I do. 

I'm feeling it right now. I feel super nervous with how my 21st birthday is going to be. I'm not celebrating or holding any barbecue. Just gonna celebrate it traditionally with my family. By traditional, I meant having lunch or dinner. We do it since I was young. Can count as traditional right? The only different this time though, is instead of posing for a timed camera.. We now upgraded to having the most front person take our picture using any nice front camera phone. Not sure upgrade or what. 

So, I am 21. & I am not sure, what have I achieve?

Although, I do feel more knowledgeable, and I can somewhat understand adult talk now compare to before, I still feel like I have achieve nothing. 

I do feel stupid looking at my old blog post. true story. My sentences now, only ends with emoticons only in whatsapp, cause I somehow feel, ending a sentence with emoticons looks messy. I guess I do feel old. 

Though I am more/feel more mature now, I do have some things in me that remained the same. Such as, I still do note down my days (on dayre). In fact, I have been recording my days since primary 4. True story. Diary then blogging. and now thanks to netcentric, Dayre. Recording has never been more convenient, now that all I have to do is lie down on my bed and pray for speedy internet.

Other than that, I still slave for the words of society. Whatever they think is wrong, or however they think is wrong, I would too. Such thinking often creates not only in-originality but it also creates, fake humans ; people who refuses to be themselves but to be the slaves what society. Nonetheless, I am still working hard on building and finding myself. I do. Each day I wonder what am I doing on earth? And how can I contribute to the world? I always wonder what use am I when I think, I can't do much. 

Another thing that I still do - using words to express by inner most feelings. As always, writing a long ass essay is much more satisfying that complaining by mouth. Also, I feel like I can express better through words than mouth. 


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