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  Why can't we feel good of ourselves?
Posted at 11/23/2015 12:17:00 AM

On my leisure, I enjoy going through tumblr and pinterest to look for motivational quotes because I have a very low self esteem, and I know I can be stronger. But I just need a reminder, or an inspiration. sometimes, I even pen down my thoughts, fighting with myself on paper just to get a better feeling inside.

Many has told me that I am more than what I say I am but I just could not find myself to believe it. I do not know why am I like this? and it is not just me. I see girls going through this process multiple times. and it makes me wonder, is it because of what is portrayed in social media that stereotypes what is the real perfection that one should be, and should have?

"We get too caught up in things that don't matter"

Yes. We tend to dwell in matters that we should not be even thinking in the first place. We tend to fail to understand how grateful we are sometimes, that we always compare ourselves with others. & when it does happen, we compete with others to have a better feeling of ourselves. In other words, to feel higher of ourselves. Sometimes it is alright to compete, if it is just a friendly competition. But at times, it can be petty to even think that others have it, or is better than us. As it all comes down to, "nobody is perfect".

And here comes the question, "why can't we feel good of ourselves?"

It is an unhealthy obsession to constantly think that we are beneath others to the point that we try to be above everyone. Instead, let's just open our eyes to see what we already have that others don't. Then only we can feel better of ourselves. Yes, others do seem to have our "wants", but in the perspective of others, we might have things that they want. Sometimes, it is not always about what makes us feel the best.. it is more to, we should appreciate what we already have instead of seeking more.

Anyways, what I am trying to say is, 

"Though we may feel down at some days, but never forget that we have those happy days as well. & instead of feeling unfair of those down times, why not we appreciate the times we have. "

My quote of the day, does not only apply to days. It can also be apply to other things as well. It's just how you think of it. ;) okay goodnight.

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