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  Why do we do that?
Posted at 11/21/2015 10:34:00 PM

When you think about it, nobody in this world is actually a free man. You are always bound to things, or people. & you will always have responsibilities to take care or settle. 

Sometimes I wonder, why are we so locked up, & why do some even let others lock them up? 

I bet no one wants to be bound to something, & everyone wants to be free. But it feels like each action and decisions comes with a condition, & consequences.
Feels like we are so obsess with pleasing others that we forgot to please ourselves. We are so afraid to hurt others, as we are afraid to be alone. We are always loosing our own ways, to make path for others. Why are we so afraid to stand up for ourselves? Even when you speak the truth you feel insecure of everyone. Like, why do we have to constantly tell our kids to behave when they're too young to understand life? But why don't we tell the adults to stop judging and comparing our naughty kids?
Why do we actually do that? 
Sometimes, in the middle of living a life, it is hard for us to even live it because of the world we live in. People are always so judgemental that we locked ourselves with their words, & we would mould ourselves to be like how they want us to be. 

I often wonder, why can't one be just themselves? Even with all the inspirational & motivational quote to strengthen our mentality, we are still weak.
Feels like no person is truly themselves because we are always secure with what others think and feel about ourselves. 

I have 1 friend who has the highest confidence level, but even she admit that she is conscious of what others is thinking of her. 

We can't really control how another person feel and think, and even do, but the question is, we can control us psychologically, but why do we still can't?
Sometimes I hate it when I go into a deep thought moment, I would often asked questions that even I, myself cannot answer.
Cause this is probably what we call "life". 
Just some thoughts I have for tonight in the midst of studying for Public Relation 😊

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