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  Valentine's Day
Posted at 2/14/2016 08:40:00 PM
Just got back from my Valentine dinner, awaiting the next program of the night. This would be our fourth year celebrating it together. And, I have never been so happy to have him as my Valentine's date. ;)

Had our dinner at Little Sister's Restaurant. This time we made sure to booked earlier - in fact, we booked a month earlier. Afraid of disappointments and over-charged Valentine price. There was one year where we didn't know where to go, on the day itself, we scouted for a place to celebrate, and ended paying RM200+ for measly food. But this year, all smarten up, we only paid RM111 with extra side orders for Xavier. The Valentine menu cost us RM88 a couple. Which I think is worth it as food was scrumptious!

Cream of Mushroom. 

Extra : Spaghetti Carbonara

Extra : Ham & cheese egg


Evans' beef 

My lamb chop!

And we both agreed, this is the best served to us among the rest - Chocolate Brownie. Warm from the brownie, cold from the ice cream and sweet from both. Perfect combination to end our Valentine dinner.

Rose from both my lovers - Evans and Xavier. 

Happy Valentine's to all reading this. Whether or not you are taken, or single, it's definitely a day to celebrate with that someone you treasure ; your partners, your parents, your siblings, your friends. Does not matter if you have to present them a rose, or any other gift. What matters even more is the time that you chose to spend with them. However, do not forget that, every day could be Valentine's Day with your love one. Because loving someone is not only during Valentine's Day, but everyday.  


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