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  Morality VS Ethical
Posted at 3/01/2016 10:06:00 AM
Good day, 

Had a thoughtful class yesterday afternoon with Media Law and Ethics, learning about the differences between Morality and Ethical. 

A class is the best class for me, when my classmates and I have a little debate over an interesting, yet conflicting topic. We used to have a class like this back in Semester 2 - Decision Making Class before our lecturer quit halfway. I loved that class, mostly because I get to bring out the competitiveness of me. I also get to ponder deeply into things - and that sort of things satisfy me, especially when I draw a conclusion at the end.

Now I find morality vs ethics interesting because even up till now, there has been a debate on this. 

During class, I asked my classmates 2 questions : 

1. Is it morally incorrect or ethically incorrect for a thief to steal from a thief ? 
- In my understand, ethically it's wrong because stealing is still stealing no matter what. But, morally, it could, arguably be correct because it's just karma (what goes around, comes around) to be stealing from someone who stole. Because you know, they deserve it. 
- However, if the tables is turned, and stealing from a thief could be ethically correct, and morally incorrect when, if stealing is ethically correct because you are getting back what you are taken of, but morally incorrect because you know, stealing is bad no matter who started it. 

"When two moral obligations collide, ethics come in to balance the dilemmas"
In other sense, "follow your heart" .

The next question I ask my classmates :

2. What if, a thief only steals because he is desperate for money to cure his poor, ill, old mother.

Before I continue, here are the definitions of both ethics and moral, 

Moral : Often associated with your personal behaviour or personal beliefs during a conflicting situation.
Ethics : With regards to what society/the society you grow up in thinks about a certain things or issue pertaining conflicting situation. 

Back to the question, 
Is it correct or wrong for a thief to steal in order to buy medicine for his ill, old mother ?
I thought about it the whole morning, to be honest. (I like to torture myself with conflicting questions like this) 
- Let us think in the shoe of the thief, my mother is ill, but if I go to work, I would have to leave my mother alone at home. I would be worry of her well-being since no one is there to take care of her. Furthermore, if I go to work, there is no guarantee that I can get paid immediately , as I desperately need the money, right now. And there is no way the doctor will loan me money or, let me have the medicine first then pay later. 
- If we are the society, reading the headlines, "Guy steals to pay for old mother's medication" - often society would judge this way, "The guy has both hands and legs, why can't he work?" and "Stealing is a crime" . Yes, legally (ethically) it is wrong. 

But what about morally?

At the end, it all comes down to the belief of a person with regards to any conflicting issue. Like, when you cannot swim, but there is a drowning person, and no one is around, would you try to save the drowning person, or call for help ? 

I always believe, you have to fit yourself in a person's shoe whenever handling situation. Despite the crimes he did, or the saint actions he conduct. As I believe, everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens because a person feels like doing something for no reason. Even when a person is feeling bored, he will conduct an action out of boredom - and that may be the case of everything happens for a reason that "the person's conduct is out of boredom".

And I am writing this, because I write whenever I have or had a deep thought about something. I like to conclude things in writing. Also because, it is simply a good day to write. 


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