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  Star Cineplax auction and closing
Posted at 4/03/2016 07:21:00 PM

Hauls from the Star Cineplax Kuching auction today. They have 3 auction days which falls on 3 Sundays starting from today. Time : 1pm. Couldn't find the interest to buy movie's t-shirt and merchandize as much as Evans because, not to say that I am not a fan. But more like, I'd rather spend my money buying clothes. But that's just me. The only thing that I got for myself is the Team Kevin t-shirt to be use as my pyjamas. I got an additional free standee of Kevin. 

Evans however, manage to snag not only movie's t-shirts but also usable cinema items such as 3D glasses that cost RM5 each!

Our hauls : 1 Team Kevin t-shirt, 4 movie t-shirt (forgot the title) , 4 Avengers : Age of Ultron bottles, 4 3D glasses, few strips film strips (free) , Star Cineplax movie tickers (free/non-redeemable) , 4 Lord of the Rings' ring necklaces . 

I don't have that many recollection of Star Cineplax because my parents are not movie-goers, so all my movie-watching experience was with friends and siblings. Other than that, MBO opened when I was in form 3, and tHe Spring is located nearer to my home than Star Cineplax. 

Despite all that, my first movie was at Star Cineplax. My brother brought me to watch Avatar one night when I was in form 2. I don't quite remember the movie, but I have some memories pertaining our night out. 

Other than that, I did go to Star Cineplax with past boyfriends and also, friends to catch a movie. Otherwise, my memory of the place is minimal. I don't even remember what movie did I watch there. 

The thing that I remember the most is feeling scare when walking along the hallways to the toilet because I was insecure of my surrounding - with what I heard of the place being dangerous. So the walk to the toilet was always displeasing with eyes staring at you. Or probably it's just me and my paranoia. 

Evans is 6 years older than me so his memories of the place is wider than me. He told me that people used to pee in the hall and on the chairs. lol 

Nevertheless, once people knew the place was closing down, most took the path to memory lane and revisited the place, just to feel it 1 more time. It is quite sad though. You know that the place is always there, hoping it will never be gone, but once it is gone, you'll feel at grief and loss. But that's how time works now, don't they? Time takes away what once was there. Nothing we can do, but just move on, and hope for a better, brighter future with less regrets. *cheers*


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