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  Of Birthdays and Such
Posted at 10/16/2016 11:27:00 PM

Twas' my birthday & Evans' birthday week. Mine was on the 14th while Evans' on the 16th. For the past 4 years we have been celebrating our birthdays together. Sometimes even take 3 days, from 14 - 16 to celebrate both our birthdays. There was once even we had a barbecue for 3 nights with our closes friends just to commemorate our birthday. 

Everything is all in the same month; including our anniversary so it's always hassleless to buy gifts. We can just buy it one go. At times we over do and buy few gifts at once tho. Just because. 

Normally I'd be head over heels on my birthday but this year I wasn't feeling it probably cause I'm already having a stressful week/month so I'm not up to celebrating. Nonetheless I was happy during the day itself for all the little things that I am grateful for including companionship.

Since I had a rough week, I didn't expect my birth day to be as smooth. But I was wrong. It started with a bowl of my favourite pork soup noodles at Siang Siang, Tabuan Jaya. Then went to Spring shopping mall for a walk. During the afternoon, received my Zalora parcel which I did not expect to arrive (it was raining even on that day) because of the courier service Zalora put me up with (previous bad experience changed perspective). Then had a wonderful dinner with both my family and my in laws. 

Today (Evans' birthday) he brought us to see orang utans. Woke up as early as 7am just to rushed out to breakfast and then to catch the feeding time at 9am, which we arrived at 9.30am but still managed to catch a glimpse of two mothers and two males orang utans afterwards. Night time was spent having dinner, celebrating Evans' birthday at a Clash of Clans themed cafe with his Snorlax cake that looks almost like him. Prolly 90% with the small eyes and fat belly HAHAHA

k picture time.

My big sister and I. Reminisce through our childhood together - she was the one whom I grew up playing with aside from my little sister. We used to violently fight each other over the remote and she'd used to get me in trouble with my parents because you know.. we're sisters and all. 

On my birthday this year she got me 4 slices of cake. Actually it's to celebrate both me and Evans birthday, in which the cake top spelt Evans name as Avans because I quote her "I wrongly spelt, only realised after they've done it" oh well. A new wrong name for Evans to add on into his bucket of name mispronunciation.

On that very same night Evans brought me out to sing a song - which is a boundless more cheap version of kbox whereby we only pay the songs we sing. Say we sing 1 song, then we only had to pay rm1. The one we went to had packages for RM10 equals to 12 songs. Long story short Evans had the nightmare of his life, yet enjoyed our mini karaoke session. HEHEHE Don't get me wrong, I enjoy singing but I don't have a nice voice. 

When we exited the place, there were sounds of angry orang utans. Ignored and walked on as it might be dangerous. I've been here once with my family but could not familiarise as it was years ago. Had to walked into a jungle just to get to the main orang utan feeding area where we only saw two females with their babies clad on. So total animal count we saw was 4 orang utans, and 2 crocodiles.


After my father in law got the snorlax cake, he smirked his way into the car and said "It resembles Evans a lot" HAHAHA yes small eyes. 

Others :

Got our internship report back. For final semester students of my college, it means you're almost there - graduation. Now I'm only left with 1 big assignment, 1 presentation and final exams then I'm done with. A month plus to go then it's really over - my days in Limkokwing Borneo. Didn't do much here, nor was that socially active in school. Nevertheless, would still miss those times in college.

Rushed after class on Thursday afternoon to get bakgwa/red meat for Evans as his birthday present. He loves this, especially for its convi pack. But just not this brand. Me too, not feeling it with this brand. 

The Zalora parcel I received. Actually it's more than this. & I managed to find a substitute for my high wedges sneakers that my dog, Snowy bite when she was younger. Told her after I gotten the substitute "You better not chew this off otherwise I'd chew you" LOL

My present from Evans. This doll that I've always wanted. It's about 90cm. Previously bought a similar one online without checking the size, and its sized was only 20cm. Quite disappointed when I received it as I was planning to use it as my sleeping bolster. 

Oh yeah, that horse that caught my eye. Also another birthday gift. It was as if other things but this horse were blurred out. Yes, it was love at first sight.

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. - Mitch Albom

I'm terrible at showing I'm thankful or apologetic. So I try to substitute by showing love instead. This birthday was one of the happiest with all the people around me. I believe, when you look at the good side of the bad things, then only you can smile. 


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