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Posted at 12/19/2016 11:17:00 PM


Last week, I had the privileged to experience this historical city. This city built and founded by Parameswara is one of the oldest city in Malaysia / Tanah Melayu. Often heard stories of it when I was young. Usually through children story books and our school history books. Malacca is always the top discussed during history lessons. So coming to this city intrigued me. Able to experience the building and touch the same walls as our forefathers. 

Picture above is the Dutch Square, also known as The Stadthuys of Malacca where there are two coloured buildings - red built by the Dutch while white was built during the British occupation. There are several relic/keepsake placed here such as the first train in Malacca which turned into a tiny souvenir shop inside and an aeroplane which is given to our first Prime Minister by the British during Malaya's Independence Day.

Christ Church of Malacca is the first building you'll see once you crossed the bridge link between Jonker Street and the Dutch Square.

The famous A' Famosa fort. The building behind is the St Paul Church of Malacca built on top of a hill.

We took the Malacca River Cruise boat, a 45 minutes boat ride around the city. Looking through all the old buildings, painted with graffiti - street art ... the view was magnificent. The only flaw in this is the smelly river. 

We didn't venture much around the Dutch Square as we took the trishaw around. The rider introduced tourist package to us which includes picture taking at A' Famosa and around the vicinity only which costs RM 25 to and fro. You can even book a trishaw via Grab. It was my first time riding it, so the experience was fun - The trishaw even plays music! Imagine the advancement of technology. 

This is our guesthouse. Our first time staying at a guesthouse - opted for own bathroom though they have shared. Quite creepy at first sight, especially since the guesthouse is located at a small alleyway and it's hard to notice especially if you're a foreigner. The lady owner was warm and she reminds me of my grandmother - very loving like. Our stay was alright. The location is also quite strategic as the famous Jonker Street was a minute walk away.

Jonker Street Night Market is only open during the weekends so the best time to visit Malacca is then. However, probably due to the location known as a historical heritage and tourist attraction, the mark up of prices were terribly high. It's either that, or Kuching food is just extremely cheap.

The night market operating hours starts from 6pm but public poured in as early as noon. Or when the shops at Jonker Street open their doors. They sell just about anything. However, it is mostly repetitive with different prices or different pattern.

Right after we drop our bags at the guesthouse, we immediately went out for a walk. Looking for the famous Malacca Chicken Rice balls; one of the reasons tourist visits Malacca. Right after Jonker Street.

We settled down at a random coffee shop that sells this famous delicacy. Cost RM 18 for two pax, comes with chicken, its rice balls, braised tofu and eggs.

In my opinion, the rice balls were a little expensive considering how little we spent on food in Kuching. Amounted at 40 to 50 cent per ball, I had to eat around 5 to 6 balls just to fill. On the contrary, I enjoy munching on them as it is chewy. The savoury of the ball is further enhance with the chicken flavour; that makes the chicken rice ball.

Had this for dinner too!

 ♥  ♥ 

Tried out other local delicacies from Jonker Street too

This is their cantonese kueh tiaw. I'm not sure if it's just that particular shop that I went to but the colour is different from the cantonese kueh tiaw that I know of. 

Sambal fried rice - nice to eat at first, but taste terribly at the end ; too oily

LOL I went to Malacca to try their Sarawak Kolo Mee. The picture on the menu definitely looks like Sarawak Kolo Mee with the char sio, but placed on my table was this. It's okay - still eatable.

Saw many carried big watermelons walking around. Cost RM 10, I carried this after dinner like stupid wtf while fighting the crowds at Jonker Street. FYI can't even walk with all the human sea there. not a place for claustrophobic.

I love this! Fried spicy lau shu fen. 

Malacca cendol. Mixed with gula malacca. I like this combination better than with coconut milk. 

This was our breakfast on the last day in Malacca. Had the Malacca Curry Laksa. I like how they mixed in yu cha kueh as well. Just like Sarawak Laksa, this is also not my taste of food. (Yes I'm a Sarawakian but I don't eat Sarawak Laksa.. don't throw tomato please) .

The sio bee on the top left is juicy and big but tasteless. blerrgh

Close up picture. 

Yummy smoke duck. They have chicken version too but I prefer the duck. Juicy, soft and flavourful!

Sorry blur picture. They call this taiwan burger . It's just hot dog sandwiched between two eggs. Not my taste as the egg yolk taste was strong.

Cola Chicken. When I saw this I thought it's chicken fried with cola but it's actually a convenient cup with chicken on top of its cover. Clever innovation but a deception on its title. Still, the chicken top with cheese and mayo was nice.

Quill eggs on a stick. They have crab stick version too. Also not my taste as the egg yolk taste was too strong. I have something against egg yolks I presume.

Quill eggs smothered with asam flavour and black pepper. Yes, if you're wondering... no amount of sauce or gravy can cover the strong egg yolk taste... it's either that.. or it's just me. 

Asam flavour sausage. Taste like the asam flavour instant noodle. Quite spicy and sour. This I like. 

One problem occurred while going out trying to have breakfast. YES TRYING. Seems like everyone is up and about, queuing up for breakfast. Even when the shop have yet to open. We had to walk far and a few rounds just to search for a shop with no long queue. Even so, after we sat down, the shop was pouring with patrons ordering and more people queuing up outside. wtf 

I don't know why this shop queue left me in awe as the queue is not only long but last until late afternoon. I'm not sure what they serve but I did want to queue to find out as well. Makes me wonder whether some queue unknowingly what they'll meet at the end of the line.

We visited the Mamee Jonker House and even paid RM 5 just to enter their museum. Didn't know Mamee had something like this. Mamee enthusiast definitely have to come visit as they sell an array of Mamee products here, and they even have a Mamee cafe. Did not try the latter though as we had already eaten our lunch.

Not only that, I also noticed few shop lots with the Mamee signboard. Is Mamee from Malacca? 

This 3 days 2 nights trip is a fun filled one. With new experiences such as riding a trishaw, especially with someone as heavy as Evans, you'll thought the rider be having a hard time - but seems like Physics beats us all. Or the rider is used to it already. Other than that, passing by through historical landmarks that we are known for and getting to see it right in front, seems like an honour. 

The famous "Don't Mess with Malacca" phrase buntings and banners placed everywhere in the city. Asked around, and was told that it actually means do not simply throw rubbish in the city. Seems like the local government there is pretty serious about it.They even have this in magnet version! The city btw, is a smoking free zone city. 


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