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  Valentine's Day 2017
Posted at 2/15/2017 10:19:00 PM
“I like myself better when I'm with you.” - Mitch Albom

It's our 5th Valentine this year, while our 1st as a married couple. It's amazing how we can survive, and how long I can commit to this relationship when both of us are so different, yet we fill each other's life with laughter, joy and all those negativity stuff when we are not on terms with each other.

Our relationship has come a long way, yet you still able to show your love well. You still take extra effort, not only on this special day but everyday. However, I do noticed you trying your best not to get angry at my every whim & Valentine's Day which I really appreciate because you know how much pride I take in celebrations. 

Our Valentine's breakfast at our usual kopitiam - having kolo mee.  

Laksa lunch - I know how much you love Laksa, at the same time you want to bring me to a place I want to go - so you turn a blind eye on this bad service kopitiam & bring me nevertheless 

A selfie on the way to the cinema to watch John Wick 2 - which you had pique my interest few days ago by having me watch the first one  

No fancy Valentine dinner this year just because - Just having this is already enough when I'm with you/KFC for Valentine's was how we spent our first Valentine together  

Despite all the rough times you always try to make things better for us - which I appreciate as I am a stubborn, prideful person, and I admit this  

Whenever I asked to buy cup noodles, you would brush it off by saying it's unhealthy & expensive but on Valentine's night you bought it anyways cause it's my favourite way of having instant noodles . You even bought my favourite coffee can 

I like myself when I am with you because ; 
You bring the confidence in me
I am happier
I laugh more
I can be myself 
I am complete

& I love you because ; 
Of your fat tummy
Of your small eyes
Of your philosophical and motivational talks
Your honesty
Your willingness to submit (at times) to me even when it's something dumb 

5 reasons to commemorate our fifth Valentine.
Cheers to many more 


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