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  ADV : MBO Blood Donation Drive 3.0
Posted at 8/03/2016 05:35:00 PM

VENUE : MBO Cinema, The Spring, Kuching
DATE : 6 - 7 Aug, 2016


Latest 2016 life-giving charitable annual community project at
25 locations targeted to save a further 15,000 lives

MBO Cinemas is continuing its third annual partnership with St John Ambulance of Malaysia to host a blood donation drive to contribute to the National Blood Centre (PDN). 
Organisers are expecting to reach the target of 5,000 pints of blood at this event, fondly known as Blood Donation Drive 3.0. 

Why should we donate blood?
  • With the recent Hari Raya fasting month and holiday season, it is timely for the blood donation drive to continue to build up the availability of blood.
  • Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments. (

Apart from saving lives, blood donors will have additional reasons to participate as they will receive a goodie bag which consist of a free cinema ticket, MBO Cinemas movie merchandises, food, drinks and pharmaceutical gifts from our generous partners.

In conjunction with all these efforts, a teeth-in-cheek promotional video has been created that will be aired in all 26 MBO cinemas, starring Taring returning for the second time now all grownup, several weeks in advance to promote the Blood Donation Drive 3.0 to the audiences and create enthusiasm while taking away the fear and phobia associated with donating blood. (Youtube:

In 2015, MBO Cinemas and St John Ambulance of Malaysia collaborated together and collected 4,052 pints of life-saving blood which is almost quadruple the 2014 collection of 1,065 pints.  Under the tagline “1 Pint Saves 3 Lives”, these donations from two years alone have already saved more than 15,000 lives.

Mr Lim Eng Hee, CEO of MBO Cinemas said: " With this engaging charitable endeavour, MBO Cinemas hopes to further stamp our presence in the community, together with our core values of fun and entertaining, and yet a meaningful community work. This event will be a quintessential way of bringing people together under the banner of a common cause, promoting a sense of contribution and responsibility that in turn makes us all better human beings."

In return of St. John Ambulance continuous support, MBO Cinemas will donate RM10,000 as a token of appreciation for their assistance in this nationwide blood donation campaign.

Sponsors including Etika Holdings Sdn Bhd, Newvos Sdn Bhd, Sonofax Sdn Bhd, Caring Pharmacy and brands such as Revive and Goodday Milk, V Plus, Boh, Cadbury, Darlie, Nando’s and Snekku. 

For more information, please visit .


  Pure9 juices - juice tasting & launching of Go Nuts!
Posted at 4/23/2016 08:33:00 PM
Before I start, here's the definition of cold-pressed juices for those who are still unaware of this ,

Cold-pressed method uses the 'masticating' method to press and extract the juices from the fruits and vegetables. Comparative with traditional centrifugal machine (which uses a fast spinning metal blade) or blending, cold pressed uses little and in fact no heat to slowly press and extract the juices, hence to retain the vital nutrients and enzymes; reducing oxidation in fruits and vegetables during the process. 
Cold-pressed juice are the current hype in Kuching, and apart from Pure9 juices, there is also juices from RawKitchen. Cold-pressed juice attracts health enthusiast, juice lovers, gym goers and even children loves juices. But little do we know that the commercial juices contains preservatives and other extra ingredients, hence making it not as healthy as cold-pressed juice.

This is because, cold-pressed juice contains no water & no artificial sugar, no additives & no preservatives, no flavouring & no colouring. No pasteurization, and it's 100% natural and pure.

It is just like when mothers makes juices at home. Because it's healthier than commercial juices, and 2, because they are sure of the things they added into the juice before serving you.

I had the privilege to attend Pure9 juices private launching event this morning at Earthling HQ. It is an event to introduced Pure9 juices further/juice-tasting and, to launch their latest series! Pure9 juices have 7 series previously, with 26 different kind of juices segregated into different series. Each series serves different purposes. They even have series specially made for kids - Pure Au Naturale. Other than this, they also have the Pure Anti-Oxidant, Pure Cleansing, Pure Detox, Pure Wellness, Pure Beauty and Pure Energy. Furthermore, the taste of each juices is categorize into 3 different levels - beginner, intermediate, master. (Tried the master level, really damn master level I cannot cause I'm not a juice person, especially when it comes to mix fruit and vege juice)

The main reason for today's launching event is to introduced Pure9 juices 8th series - Go Nuts! That is pure almond mylk (Pure9 juices way of spelling milk - a medieval spelling of milk, to describe non-dairy products) added with 4 different flavours - espresso, vanilla, beet, and chocolate.

In my opinion, I'm not really a fan of this series, but it's probably because of the almond mylk which I am not familiar, and particularly not fond with. However, this series may appeal to those who are lactose intolerant, and vegetarians. 

For me, I prefer their juices. But only certain juices though... you see.. me and vegetables... they just don't go well. whether it's solid, or liquid.

Among all their series and juices, I love the most is Inside Out - lemongrass, lime, green apple, orange. It is probably because I love to all things sour. It just brings out the zest in me! I told the founder of Pure9 juices, Nee about this and she packed more sour juices for me to try out! yay thank you

Also, I brought Xavier along with me to try out the juices and he likes the Go Nuts! series, chocolate flavour. 

My goodie bag yay

3 juice - 
Radiance : kedondong, guava, orange, pandan
Inside Out : lemongrass, lime, green apple, orange
Enchanted : green grapes, kiwi, green pear, green apple (this one sure sour until cannot hehe)

And this one specially for Xavier.  
Pure brand juices are available at :
The Pure Workshop,
Ground Floor, Unit 35, Lot 3503,
Block 11, Jalan Bayor Bukit, Tabuan Jaya,
93350, Kuching, Sarawak.
Opening Hours : 8.30am - 6pm (Mon - Sat)

There also available at supermarkets including Everise, Choice Premier, Ta Kiong, Forda, Giant, Cold Storage etc


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  Star Cineplax auction and closing
Posted at 4/03/2016 07:21:00 PM

Hauls from the Star Cineplax Kuching auction today. They have 3 auction days which falls on 3 Sundays starting from today. Time : 1pm. Couldn't find the interest to buy movie's t-shirt and merchandize as much as Evans because, not to say that I am not a fan. But more like, I'd rather spend my money buying clothes. But that's just me. The only thing that I got for myself is the Team Kevin t-shirt to be use as my pyjamas. I got an additional free standee of Kevin. 

Evans however, manage to snag not only movie's t-shirts but also usable cinema items such as 3D glasses that cost RM5 each!

Our hauls : 1 Team Kevin t-shirt, 4 movie t-shirt (forgot the title) , 4 Avengers : Age of Ultron bottles, 4 3D glasses, few strips film strips (free) , Star Cineplax movie tickers (free/non-redeemable) , 4 Lord of the Rings' ring necklaces . 

I don't have that many recollection of Star Cineplax because my parents are not movie-goers, so all my movie-watching experience was with friends and siblings. Other than that, MBO opened when I was in form 3, and tHe Spring is located nearer to my home than Star Cineplax. 

Despite all that, my first movie was at Star Cineplax. My brother brought me to watch Avatar one night when I was in form 2. I don't quite remember the movie, but I have some memories pertaining our night out. 

Other than that, I did go to Star Cineplax with past boyfriends and also, friends to catch a movie. Otherwise, my memory of the place is minimal. I don't even remember what movie did I watch there. 

The thing that I remember the most is feeling scare when walking along the hallways to the toilet because I was insecure of my surrounding - with what I heard of the place being dangerous. So the walk to the toilet was always displeasing with eyes staring at you. Or probably it's just me and my paranoia. 

Evans is 6 years older than me so his memories of the place is wider than me. He told me that people used to pee in the hall and on the chairs. lol 

Nevertheless, once people knew the place was closing down, most took the path to memory lane and revisited the place, just to feel it 1 more time. It is quite sad though. You know that the place is always there, hoping it will never be gone, but once it is gone, you'll feel at grief and loss. But that's how time works now, don't they? Time takes away what once was there. Nothing we can do, but just move on, and hope for a better, brighter future with less regrets. *cheers*


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