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  Nando's second outlet in Kuching
Posted at 10/19/2016 10:58:00 AM

First and foremost, I want to congratulate Nando's Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd for their second outlet in Kuching, first being at VivaCity Shopping Mall and now their second at THe Spring Shopping Mall.

It is proven that Kuchingites are big fans of Nando's Peri Peri chicken and I have one living proof with me, which is my husband. So when we got the chance to try out their latest products as well as a small meet up at their second outlet on Monday (17th Oct), he was more thrilled than me.

Their interior is bigger than their first outlet, more spacious definitely and their interior design, in my opinion is minimalist yet sophisticated. In addition, the restaurant is extended out and they have the alfresco feel dining experience with the glass roof and expose glass wall. Not advisable to sit at during the day but I'm sure it'll look cosy at night. 

They maintained the brick walls - saves paint and it gives you the hipster feeling.

Their new product - Red Skin Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Potato fries.

Me and the husband loves Nando's but could not go often as we have to feed Xavier as well. When we go to Nando's we only feed Xavier the Mediterranean rice as it is the only dish that is not spicy and he don't take chicken/burger much so we can't order from the kids menu. 

However, with their latest addition I'm sure we will visit Nando's more often now. The Red Skin Mashed Potato is not dry, yet not wet. There's this flavour to it mixed with pepper, herbs and the skin of the potato. ANNNDD my new favourite Sweet Potato fries. If I can give hearts to it, it'll be infinity. Previously they only served Peri Peri chips and wedges so this sweet potato fries gives a new refreshing outlook to Nando's in Malaysia. & it's irrestibly tasty.

Closer take of the red skin mashed potatoes.

We were fed with endless potatoes before our main course - one whole chicken, 4 different flavour. So we were basically well fed before even getting to the chicken. 

Not to forget their latest addition into their vegetable option - spinach.
Spinach is quite common in Malaysia as a dish, you can find it in belacan, normal fried and even in the local noodles and rice. 

The new dishes actually originates from Nando's mainland - South Africa and recently introduced into Malaysia's Nando's outlet. 

I'm not a big fan of spinach so I cannot comment much. But I did try, the condiments tastes were kept to a minimal and the spinach taste came out stronger. It's soft and it literally melts in your mouth, that's how soft it is. Despite all that, I didn't touch it much cause me and vege just don't work well.

Food served to us that afternoon. Also includes the Peri Peri Wedges. 

After the food tasting, asked the Nando's Malaysia HQ Marketing Director why the chicken wasn't as spicy as we remembered it to be. Well here's a fun fact I want to share with y'all. I learnt from her that the taste varies with the Peri Peri season harvest. Certain harvest will be less spicy while others will be tantalising, mouth burning spicy.

BTW, for those who have yet to know, Peri Peri is also known as African's Bird Eye chilli which is this really tiny yet the spiciest of all chilli. And all Peri Peri of Nando's is imported from South Africa. 

Whenever I visit Nando's, my go to sauce is always mild. To be honest, my favourite Nando's flavour is the sweet sauce but they don't put it out, so my next is Mild. Meanwhile, the Husband's favourite is the Garlic sauce. Each time we dine in, he'd be like "Help me get garlic sauce. Thanks".

But of course, what's dining without dessert right?

Caramel Cheesecake. Dammmmnn if I get to eat this everyday, I prolly gained 10 Kgs by the next month. The cheese is rich in both flavours and content. And the caremel is like any other - sweet. This is enough to satisfy those sweet tooth. Even Xavier loves this, he rather eat it all albeit his big belly.

Satisfied with love.

Read about their first outlet here.


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  Of Birthdays and Such
Posted at 10/16/2016 11:27:00 PM

Twas' my birthday & Evans' birthday week. Mine was on the 14th while Evans' on the 16th. For the past 4 years we have been celebrating our birthdays together. Sometimes even take 3 days, from 14 - 16 to celebrate both our birthdays. There was once even we had a barbecue for 3 nights with our closes friends just to commemorate our birthday. 

Everything is all in the same month; including our anniversary so it's always hassleless to buy gifts. We can just buy it one go. At times we over do and buy few gifts at once tho. Just because. 

Normally I'd be head over heels on my birthday but this year I wasn't feeling it probably cause I'm already having a stressful week/month so I'm not up to celebrating. Nonetheless I was happy during the day itself for all the little things that I am grateful for including companionship.

Since I had a rough week, I didn't expect my birth day to be as smooth. But I was wrong. It started with a bowl of my favourite pork soup noodles at Siang Siang, Tabuan Jaya. Then went to Spring shopping mall for a walk. During the afternoon, received my Zalora parcel which I did not expect to arrive (it was raining even on that day) because of the courier service Zalora put me up with (previous bad experience changed perspective). Then had a wonderful dinner with both my family and my in laws. 

Today (Evans' birthday) he brought us to see orang utans. Woke up as early as 7am just to rushed out to breakfast and then to catch the feeding time at 9am, which we arrived at 9.30am but still managed to catch a glimpse of two mothers and two males orang utans afterwards. Night time was spent having dinner, celebrating Evans' birthday at a Clash of Clans themed cafe with his Snorlax cake that looks almost like him. Prolly 90% with the small eyes and fat belly HAHAHA

k picture time.

My big sister and I. Reminisce through our childhood together - she was the one whom I grew up playing with aside from my little sister. We used to violently fight each other over the remote and she'd used to get me in trouble with my parents because you know.. we're sisters and all. 

On my birthday this year she got me 4 slices of cake. Actually it's to celebrate both me and Evans birthday, in which the cake top spelt Evans name as Avans because I quote her "I wrongly spelt, only realised after they've done it" oh well. A new wrong name for Evans to add on into his bucket of name mispronunciation.

On that very same night Evans brought me out to sing a song - which is a boundless more cheap version of kbox whereby we only pay the songs we sing. Say we sing 1 song, then we only had to pay rm1. The one we went to had packages for RM10 equals to 12 songs. Long story short Evans had the nightmare of his life, yet enjoyed our mini karaoke session. HEHEHE Don't get me wrong, I enjoy singing but I don't have a nice voice. 

When we exited the place, there were sounds of angry orang utans. Ignored and walked on as it might be dangerous. I've been here once with my family but could not familiarise as it was years ago. Had to walked into a jungle just to get to the main orang utan feeding area where we only saw two females with their babies clad on. So total animal count we saw was 4 orang utans, and 2 crocodiles.


After my father in law got the snorlax cake, he smirked his way into the car and said "It resembles Evans a lot" HAHAHA yes small eyes. 

Others :

Got our internship report back. For final semester students of my college, it means you're almost there - graduation. Now I'm only left with 1 big assignment, 1 presentation and final exams then I'm done with. A month plus to go then it's really over - my days in Limkokwing Borneo. Didn't do much here, nor was that socially active in school. Nevertheless, would still miss those times in college.

Rushed after class on Thursday afternoon to get bakgwa/red meat for Evans as his birthday present. He loves this, especially for its convi pack. But just not this brand. Me too, not feeling it with this brand. 

The Zalora parcel I received. Actually it's more than this. & I managed to find a substitute for my high wedges sneakers that my dog, Snowy bite when she was younger. Told her after I gotten the substitute "You better not chew this off otherwise I'd chew you" LOL

My present from Evans. This doll that I've always wanted. It's about 90cm. Previously bought a similar one online without checking the size, and its sized was only 20cm. Quite disappointed when I received it as I was planning to use it as my sleeping bolster. 

Oh yeah, that horse that caught my eye. Also another birthday gift. It was as if other things but this horse were blurred out. Yes, it was love at first sight.

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. - Mitch Albom

I'm terrible at showing I'm thankful or apologetic. So I try to substitute by showing love instead. This birthday was one of the happiest with all the people around me. I believe, when you look at the good side of the bad things, then only you can smile. 


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  Life with a 5 year old
Posted at 10/12/2016 10:40:00 AM

As everyone knows (I tend to believe) I have been taking care of my boyfriend, now husband's son. And I treat him like my own son. Heck, Taking care of him makes me don't want to have another son, but I don't mind for a daughter though. Okay jokes. I don't mind children. I do however, mind if they cry for no reason. 

Before this gets lengthy and out of topic, the reason I'm here today is cause I was inspired to create this post - Life with a 5 year old

I've known Xavier since he was 1 year old plus, and have been full time taking care of him since he was 2 year old. So if I might gloat, I'm probably the one who knows him more, who understands his tactics and reasons of behaviour. (Aside from my husband) I'm also probably the one who takes more of him than anyone else as well. 

Xavier, like any other child is obnoxious, annoying. Nevertheless when he is in a super good mood, he can be sweet, caring and even hardworking. He's full of empathy & he's a softy because he does not like to see people get hurt. 

Here are 5 in the list of living with a 5 year old :

1. "Mummy Why? oooooohh Mummy what's that?"
5 years old are curious, yet not as curious as when they are younger. because by this age, they've probably know a whole lot more. Xavier is at that age where he is curious and he wants to experiment as well. Previously only ask why why why? Few weeks ago, he asked me to find him magic beans to grow. You know.. the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk. That's his ultimate favourite bed time story btw. So his grandmother found some beans and grew it for him. Every time got visitor come, Xavier be like COME SEE MY BEANS and brings visitor over to see his 'magic beans'. At times when we're out, he would ask why is something something like that? In which I explained and then get series of WHY until I told him enough with the whys, only then he stops. wtf

2. "Mummy I want watch pad"
It used to be mummy I want to watch TV when we were all younger but nowadays it's pad. Though I took away his pad priviledges since he likes to watch the too near, and too often. Instead I open youtube using my laptop for me. At least he don't watch it too near. Last night I got him to read the Malay book his teacher let him bring home. It's practically like 5 sentence. Each sentence only got 3 words. By the time we get to the third sentence, he turns into this human jelly where he's trying to read at the same time act lazy. I thought he's probably tired and stress out or insufficient sleep. But right after I let him go, he asked if I could let him used my laptop to watch Totally Spies. TIRED DON'T WANT SLEEP. okay okay, I'm not that cruel, so I let him watch since he did finish reading the 5 sentence although God knows what entered into his head. sigh

3. "Mummy I'm hungry"
Says Xavier 5 - 30 minutes after dinner. Which I usually respond "BUT YOU JUST ATE". In which he'd reply "BUT I'M HUNGRY". Then I would furiously argued "THEN NEXT TIME EAT A LOT NOT WHEN I ASKED YOU TO EAT, YOU RUN AWAY SAY FULL". Normally it would end with "OKAY I WANT EAT NOW". EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I don't even know why I bother talking to him cause I usually ended up finding food for him to munch on. Sometimes my mother in law would make milo in a cup, then dip some small biscuit in to feed him. Sometimes I would rummaged the fridge and our food compartment for snacks. Sometimes I would cook instant noodles which he refer them as 'kolok mee'. Actually spaghetti also he call 'kolok mee' even though I've multiple times told him it's not. On a rare times, especially during weekends when his bed time is not 9pm, he would say he's hungry twice. Also 5 - 30 minutes after his last snacking. BUT WHY HE NO FAT?

4. "Mummy I'm bored"
"Go play your toys" "No" "Go play your phone" "No" "You watch what movie I put" "No" "Go sleep" "No" . Xavier is a privilege kid so he gets bored really fast.  I don't know what to do when he says it that. Normally I'd be busy doing my assignments or doing stuff that's why cannot entertain him. So I just ignore him. HAHAHA okay sound so bad. No worries, he gets over boredom really fast cause he usually find new things to play with. His recent new toy is our room key which I only noticed this morning. Then told him off. SIGH Fortunately he don't say it much.

5. "Mummy fat"
I think this one is partially my fault, and partially my husband's fault cause we always tease each other fat. And Xavier does whatever we do since we're most of the time together. So sorry to those who gets this from him too. IN MY DEFENCE, I think it's parents these days also cause the other day my husband sent Xavier to school and one of his classmate said, "Xavier papa fat". HAHAHA. Sometimes when I'm down, Xavier would come to me and say "Mummy you're not fat. You are pretty and thin" and smile. Not sure trying to comfort or be condescending LOL

Living with Xavier can sometimes be tiring, but most of the time it's joyful and lovely. Don't forget livelier as well since he's so talkative. Sometimes when we're not talking to him / listening to him, he would grab his toy dinosaurs and either talk on behalf or talk to them. 

Here's 5 conversation with Xavier that I jot down on my dayre :

  • So few nights ago, Xavier was being difficult in his sleep so I put him on my arms and sleep like that till the next morning. He woke up telling me "mummy I sleep so well last night." I asked why? "Because you sayang me". I half angry half in awe cause I didn't get enough sleep. But whatever la. ROLLS EYES.

  • This one from January.
*watching Shaun the Sheep; Shaun goes to the city & becomes an outcast*

Me : Ee so cute! Looks like me 
Xavier : no. It don't look like you
Me : why? 
Xavier : because nobody like him, & he is sad. 
Me : 😵 so is not like me? 
Xavier : no... 

  • There's this one where I was crying from watching kdrama and he panicked and said,

Xavier : Mummy why are you crying?
Me : Cause it's so sad
Xavier : Mummy you cannot cry, only korean drama can cry
Me : Why?
Xavier : Because I don't want you to cry

  • It was CNY this year and me and the husband went out to watch Deadpool while he stayed home. When we got back, noticed that his grandpa played fireworks for him.

Me : Xavier. Did you think of me when gung gung play fire crackers?
Xavier : Yes. 
Me : What did you think of me?
Xavier : I think you are a pig. A very cute pig!
Me : ......

  • So, this is when Xavier ran the corridor after music class till we can't chase him.

Hubs : cannot play phone! You run just now no listen people !
Xavier : please... 
Hubs : I drive now cannot give you phone 
Xavier : yes. You driving, so cannot play phone. I'm not driving, so I can play phone.
just like when I driving, I cannot play phone. And when I no drive, I can play. If you want play, you no drive first then you can play. Now you drive so you cannot play. 
Hubs : ..... Here's your phone. 
Me : 😂😂
Hubs : that's some legit argument there

Okay I love Xavier conversation so much, gonna share one last one here...

  • I was playing some shooting game with him. 

Xavier : I CAN'T
Me : .........

Xavier loves taking selfies btw. 

Okay, gonna stop this post here since it's getting too long already. Long story short, my life is like a roller coaster definitely but I don't regret it a bit because I have them two that makes my life exciting. I don't have much, but I'm okay as long as I have them.  


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