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  Kyan!me 2012
Posted at 6/11/2012 06:54:00 PM

Kyan!me 2012. Held at Hills Shopping Mall last Friday(8th) till Sunday(10th) :P Was there as both Media and Exhibitors. HAHA :D 

As early as 9am, I was there all zombie-like but ready too work on both Friday and Saturday. The roadshow for Regalo, was quite fun. Gives me lots of experience, and I even made some new friends! Also get to see different kinds of people there, duel cards dude, anime freaks, gundam freaks. LOL. and even boy cosplaying as a girl character. which is somewhat, brave & weird at the same time. But I guess, it all takes passion in what they're doing LOL

My job on those three days, was to promote cameras, snap free instant shooting, and do some media stuff LOL. But half the time, I was fooling around, talking to random people. -_- But yeh, at least I did my job. *proud* :D

Not to forget, I even met Miao from Miao&wafupafu !

and also Wafu and Pafu which I still don't know which is which because they look the same :PP 

Me: eeee! why you don't look like the pictures in your blog ? 
Jian: =="

Friday night was the opening ceremony for kyan!me ! and Mr. Larry Sng was there :D (don't know whether I should address him as YB anymore or not. I don't really read the newspapers, just the headlines lol :( )



The band Saichou Neko performing. The pianist is also a Violinist. Nisa Addina. She plays awesome! and also she goes around to play as well. Heard that she won something in Hollywood. heh too bad nobody records her playing the violin that night. Aw


Wanko Soba eating competition :P and I went and joined it! Only paid RM3 for all you can eat buffet for 3 minutes LOL

Haha asked Jian to join with me, cause I was shy :$

I ate like 2 bowls and a half -_- It was too damn ... to swallow but I manage to swallow in the end. Jian was taking his time, as if he was enjoying his meal at Sushi King. haha :D Initially that was our plan together, but that competitive side of me got through LOL

Asked Jian how did he draw Miao & WafuPafu, and he did a demo for me of me :P LOL nice :)


Third day and it's the last day ! Hahah a photo of me and my colleague. she really looks like Japanese! envy wtf. D:

Random photos of people

fml pimple -_-

oh and magic trick :D He asked me to think of something while he writes it down. I was thinking of HIM. Then he wrote "A boyfriend" , I went all #$@%#^# WTF lol hahah :D

HAHA. btw, if you were wondering, why aren't there any photos of cos-players, it's cause there were too many photos -_- so yeh. NEXT POST!

Moral-of-the-story ;  Don't mess with cos-players! 


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