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  The Biggest 3D Mural in Boulevard, Kuching
Posted at 1/10/2015 12:24:00 AM
Does anyone remember the big 3D mural in Boulevard, Kuching new wing side, ground floor? Well, how could people forget such beautiful art till hundreds, maybe thousands lined up everyday for 1 month plus just to pose with it. If you still don't understand what I'm talking about, well. this....

It's really awesome for someone to be able to create a 3D mural that big! Can't imagine the hardship that the team put up to achieve this, but we can sure see that the team did a successful job. Team was led by Mr Gerald Goh, organizing chairman of the Arts Convention. 

p/s that's Angelina Anthea reciting her poem on nature.

Here's a wider view of the mural. With Snow White, Pocahontas, 2 penguins and even our state bird, the Burung Kenyalang as part of the mural's main "models" . 

“It took around 24 hours to complete the set with the help from close to 100 individuals consisting of students from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Sarawak, SEGi College and Lim Kok Wing University,” he said in a press conference at Boulevard Shopping Mall here yesterday. 
- Borneo Post Online, December 13, 2014 ( 
Just 24 hours?? Wow. The team deserve a standing ovation. Cause they have really done a good job. The team consists of Mr Gerald Goh, alongside with close to 100 students from local universities such as Lim Kok Wing Borneo, University Teknologi Mara (UITM) and Segi College Sarawak that makes 100 plus students and an artist from Venezuela, Professor Luis Gomez Rincon from University of Zulia, Venezuela. 

On the 9th January 2014, the 3D Mural was given an award by the Malaysia Guinness World Record as the biggest 3D Mural in Malaysia, in front of the public at the mural site in Boulevard. The ceremony was attended by Datuk Amar Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Tun Openg, Minister of Housing and Minister of Tourism Sarawak. 

Got the chance to speak with Datuk Amar himself and he is such a friendly man! 

Indeed the people of Kuching are a talented bunch with pretty good brush skills. No doubt that the 3D Mural has wow-ed Kuchingites, and in the future, it has become a big hope that more and more people will be inspire to do bigger, bolder things with their talents instead of just hiding it. 

I will end this post with a motivational quote from Mr Gerald Goh's speech earlier on, 

"There is a very good saying, that we should always look at a half glass of water as half full. BUT, I am going to get you into thinking differently today. In artists' language, we should always look at a half glass of water as half empty so we will strike each and every day to fill it up and to achieve our dream of enriching all the half empty glasses in our own backyard and make them full"



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