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  Food highlight of the week
Posted at 12/24/2015 12:53:00 PM
Decided to constant update my blog by posting highlights of food I ate last week. Thought of this idea on the half of last week, and since I am going to Penang tomorrow, I'll just post the food I have been eating in Kuching that caught me in a dumbfounded state, today. Otherwise, I'm planning to update every Sunday. *Wish me luck*

Kuching food highlight of the week ;

Pork noodle soup - RM6.50 (with egg)
Penrissen Coffee Shop

"I'm the type that is scared to try new things because for me, once I am comfortable with 1 thing, I will stick to it. But on that day, not many shops were opened, so I decided to try something different than what I usually eat. Pork Noodle Soup caught my attention, and I don't regret my decision that day. The pork meat is soft and juicy, and the combination of all the ingredients, just makes that bowl an addiction."

Halal kolo mee - RM 4
Uzma Cafe

"The first thing that caught my eye from this delicacy, is the shredded beef meat. It's the first time I have ever seen. The beef was a little dry, but eaten together with the noodle is splendid. The noodle tastes is nice. Enough seasoning and correct timing of pulling the noodle out of the hot water. Thus, chewing the noodle itself is a joy!"

Chicken rice - RM5
Big Mouth coffee shop

"For me, this should be the most expensive chicken rice that I have encounter as the portion is little. But beyond this, the sweet and tender of its chicken, and the fragrant of its rice is the real gem. Not to mention the pickle that is serve together. Makes you forget about the price and portion for a little while."

Dry chili lamb claypot - RM7
My Station

"This place is hidden by a car-wash center. And normally known as the "bak kut teh" place because its neighbour sells bak kut teh. When I go there, I often flashback to 3 year old Xavier because me and Evans used to go there a lot in the evening while waiting for Xavier to be done with playschool. Their food is amazing. But today I share my favourite - dry chili lamb. Its not too spicy though, but the gravy is amazing. Sweet and salty. And the lamb meat is soft and chewy."

Fried Ice Cream -  RM 5.90
Mega Cool

"My first time trying fried ice cream from this stall. Tried their matcha and it's not sweet, just the way it should be. Instead of the usual "putting the toppings on top", they crush the topping and fried it together with the ice cream. I chose kit kat. Too bad it didn't come off strong. Otherwise would be nice. Probably didn't add much. But overall it's satisfying."


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