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  Nando's finally hatched in Kuching, Sarawak
Posted at 12/13/2015 10:41:00 PM

After years of hearing stories of the all-famous Nando's PERI-PERI flame-grilled Chicken, Kuching-ians no longer have to fly over to the side just to satisfy their cravings. This is because, Nando's has finally hatched their egg in Kuching. Specifically at Viva City Megamall Kuching. Kuching city's latest megamall that recently open its doors for public on the 12th of December 2015. 

The Nando's casa is located at the alfresco side of the megamall. Just opposite of convenient shop.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Nando's private function/media-seating aka 1 of the first fews to try out from their latest casa. 

Arrived the vicinity at 9.30am because since it was a new mall, Kuching-ians would probably be flooding the place by 9am. or earlier. The event started after 11am with launching ceremony by Mr. Daniel Thong, Chief Operating Officer for Nando's. I manage to grab a chat with him, and thought of how friendly a guy he is. 

Selfie with Barci, Nando's very own mascot before food.

We were served with ; 

As this was my first time having Nando's, so their famous PERI-PERI sauce was a new experience for me. Though I can only go as far as Mild. Tried the super-super hot sauce and I was muted for at least 15 minutes, chugging onto 2 glasses of coke. That was how spicy it is. To further elaborate the spiciness, since my stomach is not used to it, it felt unwell until the next day. fml 

But hor, 
Though the sauces were spicy, it was nice as well. So no matter how spicy it is, I would still have a go on the sauces. True story. 

Each of us were given 5 different variety of sauce to test and try. Tried Sweet Hot today, and in my opinion, the sauce was nice and I ate it only with rice, and it's already fulfilling. It's not that spicy, but I just love how sweet and spicy it taste at the same time. My friend commented how the sauces were life savers for bad cooking moments. I think it is true la :)

Nando's even provide some activities to occupy your kids with ;)

Throughout my seating, the Nando's cast(waitress/waitresses) were a friendly bunch. They kept asking us if everything's alright, if we need anything else, and even helped with the refilling our drinks. 


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