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  Food Diary week 3
Posted at 1/18/2016 06:24:00 AM
Note : Changed from food highlight to food diary.

Food diary of the week ; 

Fried Chicken Rice - RM 5 
Shi Jia Huan coffee shop

"This is the chicken rice that I ate on the 1st/3 days I had to have lunch at this place because Xavier spotted a capsule machine and wanted to win the toy displayed on their poster. After 3 days of having lunch there, he finally got it. Anyways, back to the chicken rice. The rice is soft, but too bad the chicken is a tad dry. Also, what's chicken rice without kiam chai soup. The soup was delish. Whenever I eat chicken rice, it's the soup that I anticipate first! There's one chicken rice shop at King center that rotates their soup servings from kiam chai - peanut - corn but that's another story."

Murtabak ayam - RM 5
Taj Indian Cafe

"It's once in a blue moon that I'll agree with Evans (as he likes them) to have roti canai for dinner/lunch/supper because there was once 1 period where we ate canai for few days straight, and I am still afraid. But this murtabak chicken is amazing, because, one, the chicken is soft. (It's always gotta be about soft chicken because nowadays it's hard to get.) and two, the spiciness is there, but it's at a minimal level which makes the dish all so lovely. I really love Taj sambal (third sauce from left), and they even served it with their nasi lemak."

"Evans had their roti canai goreng (RM3.50). It looks like char kueh tiaw, but it's not. The closest taste to this is the mee mamak. New food experience as this is not common, but I would so order this  the next time I am there!"

Spicy Chicken Noodle - RM 4.50
Full House coffee shop

"The not so western, cheap delicious food Full House. (There's a western place called Fullhouse). The chicken is soft and the skin is crispy.Quite juicy and flavourful as well. But I dislike the taste of the noodles. I think it's the noodles and not the ingredients used to cook the noodles. It's not as spicy as it says it is though."

Nasi briyani Ayam masak merah - RM9
Johor cuisine, Teh Tarik food court

"The rice portion big, chicken big, rice soft, but too bad, the chicken was dry and cold. Probably cause the food stalls is under aircond. The gravy was sweet and delicious, but the chicken would taste better if they maintained it hot."

Blueberry bun - RM 1.80
Evon Bakery Delights

"They say real gems are always hidden. This bakery is located at a non-populated place. And I happened to stumble upon this bakery because I regularly visit M3 coffee shop. My first time buying pastries from them is when Evans grandfather wanted to buy a loaf of bread. So we randomly just drop by and pick up 1. Little did we know, the bread is so fluffy, soft and enjoyable! This blueberry bun is no less! The feeling of your teeth biting onto it's sweet, cloud-like body... actually there's nothing to feel. Because can't feel anything, too soft. haha. Up to date, the best baker shop ever!"


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