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  Food diary week 4
Posted at 1/24/2016 08:17:00 AM
Food diary of the week ; 

3 layer pork rice 
Mega coffee shop, King Center

"Sorry to start of with a non-halal picture for any Muslim readers. But to the non-Muslims, this 3 layer pork is to die for! I have always wanted to try from this stall, but I always bat an eye because of stall-loyalty ; that is to always eat from Evans friend's stall. But there were close 1 day, and Evans had this.. and I just had to try it as well! The pork is well-roasted and the sauce is just splendid!"

Rice + Meat set (incl. drinks) - RM 8.50
Little Sisters Cafe, Foochow Road

"I'm very bad at remembering or taking note of price promptly after ordering, so I forgotten how much is the ham & egg/pork chop BUT the both was just okay for me. As for the Pork Chop, I felt that it was too thin, and it lacks of taste & meat. Probably I think it is because of too much mayonnaise, and too little meat fillings. As for the ham & egg, the egg was too thin for my liking as I liked my eggs thick.. Nevertheless, it left with a surprise when I get a taste of cheese from the middle part... Also, why got 2 rice set? It's not Evans'... But both mine.. Not because I am a glutton.. Just that, Little Sisters Cafe is not only cheap, and the interior made me feel like a "hipster", the food is also amazing that I went back a couple days after! I tried the lemon sauce fish, and the sweet & sour sauce fish, and both I enjoyed very much."

Butter Milk Chicken - RM5
TJ Delights, Tabuan Jaya

"We were driving to the same 2 coffee shops for the past couple of days, me & Evans.. so we decided to let another nearby coffee shop a try. This coffee shop was part of my adolescents because when it was new then, and my parents often brought me there to have my breakfast and dinner. Nowadays, it still has its customers, but not as lively as before though. So, that's we never give it a chance. But as the saying goes, "never try never know". And we found this super soft rice, and chicken meat. Even Xavier loves it too! I really love stumbling upon amazing food at a place that I thought I'd never step foot at. "

Portuguese Egg Tart - RM 2.50
Emart, Batu Kawa

"The first and last time I had Portuguese Egg Tart was last year's Kuching Festival. The tart went viral on Facebook then, and I thought I definitely have to give it a try. Afterwards, I went crazy over it, and vow to go back and buy more. But they keep running out after an hour of business, and it's pretty hard to always go to Kuching Festival due to parking difficulties. However, the other day, I was walking through Emart with Evans and saw this new stall opening that sells Portuguese Egg Tart, and I thought I just had to try it one more time. So I bought it, and I taste it, but the taste and feel, it's nothing like my first time. Nevertheless, it was nice in its own way. Though, I am anticipating for that particular tart stall in this year's Kuching Festival."

Kompia - 90cents/per piece
101 coffee shop

"I really love kompia because it's part of my childhood even though I am not from Sibu. But because whenever my parents would go back there, they would always bring home a bag or 2 kompias for us. This kompia with meat filling is normally served hot. The bun is soft, and the meat is sweet. Been awhile since I last tasted this. fyi this is non-halal as well."


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