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  Food highlight week 2
Posted at 1/09/2016 10:30:00 PM
Food highlight of the week  ;

Pan Mian - RM6 with egg/RM5 without egg
M3 Food Court

"After 2 months not coming back to this coffee shop (only does when Xavier has school cause it's nearby), was kinda shock to see my favourite American Breakfast stall closed down. This Pan Mian to me tastes quite nice - with correct seasoning. And the noodle is nicely boiled. The meat is nice. Even the vege is nice. Ate this whole bowl till the last spoon!"

Salad wing chicken rice and hotdog - RM4.50
Mega One Food Court

"Am not sure if other parts of Malaysia has this - Salad chicken rice but I used to grow up eating this a lot for the mayo and crispy deep fried chicken. The chicken from this stall is pretty crispy and enough salt. RM4.50 for this is kinda worth it! Also, this food court sells the best Laksa in town too!"

Deep fried sambal pork - RM 12
Awah Cafe

"Ah. Sorry for the blur picture. Was too excited with this dish, that I forgotten to check my snaps. This dish is a must for me whenever I visit Awah Cafe because of the sambal scent and its crispy deep fried pork. Apart from this, their Cangkuk Manis and other meat dishes are to die for. This is the place to taste complete Bidayuh style cooking with reasonable and affordable price!"

Kimchi fried rice - RM 10
The Kimbap

"Finally my korean crave satisfied after watching numerous kdramas. Ordered the kimchi fried rice and it tastes superb! The rice is super super super soft, though the taste of the kimchi is not strong. Nevertheless it still manage to satisfy! This portion is big and I nearly could not finish it! Good for 2 person sharing. Also comes with (free) kimchi, and to add on, it's just RM2. and their kimchi is delishhh."

Beef kimbap - RM8.90
The Kimbap

"The difference between sushi and kimbap is that, sushi is seasoned with vinegar, whereas kimbap is seasoned with sesame oil thus sweeter than sushi. Kimbap is a korean snack, but I think just by eating the portion in the picture, it's enough to cover my meal time. Had this with kimchi and I like the sweet and sour taste it gives. Couldn't really taste the beef, with all the vege inside, also it seems like the beef is sliced smaller than the others. But this kimbap size is big! and very fulfilling."


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