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  Neubodi bra fitting session
Posted at 1/16/2016 05:27:00 PM

Neubodi is an 8 year old lingerie business that puts woman comfort first. Why I say that? Because they have a trained consultant that follows you into your fitting room, giving you bras to try on, telling you which is best for you. Best part, consultation fee = zero. 

This is me, and my consultant, Michelle. I had the opportunity to enjoy Neubodi consultation this morning, at their latest branch at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching. Michelle was very helpful, and friendly. She kept asking whether a bra is comfortable, and she even taught me a lot on how to use a bra properly. Normally I didn't care how a bra works, or why does it have this thing, and even what is the function for it? But she manage to open my eyes into tricks and tips for comfort bra usage, and also even, how to work dem bras to ensure confidence. She is even patient because I priortize comfort first, whenever a bra is too tight or too loose, she never hesitates to get me another size.

Neubodi consultants are trained specialist, and they practice a holistic bra fitting techinique ;

An impeccable fitting technique practiced solely at Neubodi as our experts fit by the earseyes and touch:

Ears: We listen to your individual requirements, preferences and expectations.

Eyes: We identify how well your current bra fits, your height, built and posture.

Touch: We use a unique hand-measuring technique to choose precisely the right innerwear best suited to your shape.

It was kind of an exciting experience because, typically I would only choose a bra for its colours, patterns and numbers of hook. Like if it's more than 3 hook, with laces, it's for aunties. But the consultant corrected me by saying, having more than 3 hook is to fit the fatty tissues, and lacey bras are made to be near/touch your skin, to be fitting. 

Erica, Neubodi consultant teaching us how to wash our bra properly. Tips here. 

She quoted, 

How you care for your bra, is how your bra care for you.

Never realized that there's so much to do for your bra. It's a wonder why do I have always have that loose problem with my bras. 

These are the few liquids that Neubodi has. The first two are cream and oil to firm up bust/body. While the white bottle is a special kind of detergent liquid specially for you lingerie. It is also available to purchase online. Click here

Throughout my fitting session with Neubodi, I gain more knowledge pertaining bras. For example, how to wash them, how to care, how to ensure maximum bra usage, and even how to use them confidently. Neubodi is probably the only store which does not use measuring tape to find you the correct bra, instead, they provide you with consultation, and bra choices that fits you, as each girls have different "best friends". Because of this, the bras are named accordingly. Names reference here. They also have different categories of bra. Such as for night outings, daily wear, and even sports usage. 

The conclusion of my fitting session : I tried on 3 bras - 1 full cup, 1 half cup, 1 long half cup. The feeling of using a Neubodi bra is different than off another brand because of its fitting. There is definitely a nice and different feeling when I try on Neubodi. 

Veronica, Me, Erica, Anushya, Aliey, Irene.

Every woman needs a minimum of 3 good bras in their lingerie wardrobe - 1 to wash, 1 to wear, & 1 to have a good rest. This will help to extend the lifespan of a bra.

Address : Vivacity Megamall, L1-045, Level 1, Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak. 


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