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  Penang food haven
Posted at 1/03/2016 04:35:00 PM

Hello, back since few days ago from my 5 days trip to Penang. Also known for its food haven. The food there, in my opinion is not only cheap, but also delicious. Going to upload all my food photos here, so brace yourself...

After touchdown, we went to Penang Times Square to have our lunch. Simply opted P.P. Noodle Station because it has various servings of noodles. Ordered the mushroom noodle, RM 7.20 because I thought the mushroom taste would not be strong, and Xavier likes mushroom noodle. But, this dish is only recommended to mushroom-lovers because for a person like, who hates mushroom a lot, I don't and I can't chew this because of the taste. It is served with two fried wantans which are crispy and nice and a good portion of shredded chicken.The place is non halal though as they served pork.

This is Evans' food - curry noodle (RM7.80). He said it's satisfying.

Mushroom chicken rice (RM5.80) - Cosmic Food & Beverages, Prangin Mall. This is the kinda mushroom sauce that cheats non-mushroom eater like me, cause it's nice and it does not taste like mushroom. But for the price, the portion is a lot.

This place seems to be a bowling center cum cafe(Cosmic). The workers are friendly, and you can see the chefs and his assistants cooking up the scrumptious meal from the counter outside. This is my drumstick chicken rice with egg, and it comes with a free syrup at at price of RM9.50. The rice is soft, and the chicken soft and juicy. 

The next morning, we stumbled upon a roadside stalls that sells one of Penang famous dish - koaytiaw tng. Unsure what to order (no menu board), we simply order what's everyone ordering. Mee tng with shredded beef and fish balls, and vege drench in oyster sauce. The vege is not something I would eat, but I simply am in love with it. The noodles is nice, and for me, it has a common taste. Cost around RM11 for 2 bowls of mee tng and 1 plate of vege. The stall is located at Lorong Ngah Aboo. Just near the Upside Down museum.

This is the chicken rice that makes me feel like Penang has no hard rice, dry chicken chicken rice. Seriously. And this delicious cost RM4.50. Located at a food court somewhere in Armenian Street.

Locals says that the most Penang food is available at Gurney Drive (just right opposite Gurney Plaza shopping mall). Had another famous food, Penang char koay tiaw (RM6) and Pasembur(RM11). And the satay. I'm not sure how the Pasembur suppose to "feel", but I had a terrible experience with it. The kueh they used is hard to chew on, not sure if it's cold or what.. but it seems like Pasembur is on top off most of the tables there. The koay tiaw is nice though. A little bland, but it has this 1 scent that makes the dish addictive. 

One of the famous char koay tiaw.

Part of Gurney Drive.

When you walked through Penang streets, "-malay name- Nasi Kandar" can be seen everywhere! The famous ones I heard from locals are Line Clear Nasi Kandar and Berato Nasi Kandar. But you can literally see a Nasi Kandar shop at every corner in town. It's basically rice or briyani served with Indian delicacies. You can choose what you want, and i chose curry egg, blackpepper chicken and pineapple cucumber slices. And this portion cost me around RM6.50. Forgot where though. But it just doesn't come to me because we can easily find dishes like this in Kuching's Indian restaurant. So, it does not excite me much. 

In Kuching, we can find Penang Char Koay Tiaw. In Penang, we can also find Kuching kolok mee. The scent is there, but the feeling isn't. RM5 which Evans said to be cheap because it's served with fish balls, prawns and even fried wantan.

For dinner on our second last night, we decided to eat somewhere nice for a change. Randomly walked into Cosmic Leisure cafe at Prangin Mall. And was shocked at the price of the food. Though it comes with t&c such as RM4.50 for my curry rice, I can get a free drink which is not much. But it's free, so no complain. Also, in that RM4.50 free drink choice, there were like 8 choices including kachangma etc. but they only serve 1 out of the 8 each day. My curry chicken was soft for breast meat, and it really didn't feel like breast meat at all! As for Xavier, he had the fried beehoon which is tasty for the cost of RM3 only! Got drinks included some more!!

For side dishes, Evans ordered the Pandan chicken and fried popcorn chicken for RM6 each and omggg, the meat is juicy and soft (I think all the meat I ate in Penang is juicy and soft, not sure lucky or not), and addictive!! Definitely will return the next time I'm there!!

Wantan mee from Ayer Itam market. My verdict for this RM3.50 dish. Looks like kolok mee at first glance, but they used black sauce as its base. The char sio was tasty, whereas the wantan is not big enough. Didn't quite enjoy because the sauce is a little too sweet for my liking. 

 Didn't forget to try their famous cendol at one of the stalls on Penang Hill. To be honest, I didn't really like it because of the heavy santan taste.

Ordered the mix fruits shave ice that cost RM10 and cannot comment much on the fruits, because fruits. But I did enjoy this bowl!

Stalls in Penang offers not only thin, or thick noodle, but they also have instant noodles to serve with soup base. Ate this asam laksa soup, mix together with choices of fish cake, pork sausage and scallop that amounted to RM6. Soup is sweet, spicy and savoury!

Oyster pancake! something we have in Kuching. But it is one of their delicacy as well! This plate cost RM9.50 with a nice amount of oysters! Definitely well fried and seasoned. Ate this at a food court somewhere near the colourful building in Georgetown. But this dish is common in most food stalls there!

On our last day, we wanted to take a walk before heading to the airport by noon, so we woke up extra early, but there weren't any food stalls open nearby our hotel. However, we did stumble upon a roadside Indian stall (Penang is full of em). Had this delectable Nasi Lemak, and it just reminds me of childhood.

The stall also served roti canai (though I think it is not that nice) but I would definitely come back for their Nasi Lemak packets. Am not sure how much is everything, but including drinks, 3 packets of nasi lemak, and 1 plain 1 egg canai, altogether only cost us RM14.50.

The roadside stall that is patronize by labourers working around the area.

Our last food in Georgetown is from P.P Noodle Station, Penang Times Square (also our first cafe in Penang) . Had the BBQ noodle which is delightful, and the 3 layer pork is heavenly! 

Finally, this is the last food in Penang that we had at the airport called Mee Sorai. Supposedly to eat it by dipping it with the curry. Couldn't really taste the mee sorai, so it mostly feels like drinking the curry soup. But it definitely make a nice snack after a heavy meal. Cost RM4.50, from Pinang Kopitiam.

"Penang food is undoubtedly pleasant to the buds and heavenly satisfying"


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