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  RawKitchen Juice Official Launch & Juice testing
Posted at 1/24/2016 10:58:00 PM

Got the privilege to attend juice testing, and official launching of Raw Kitchen latest outlet in Viva City Mall. Their previous outlet is located at Green Heights Mall, and you can even find their juice bottles in Everise!

What is the difference between other juices, and Raw juices? 
Well, unlike other commercial juices selling in grocery stores, Raw juices has no add in water, sugar and even preservatives.Then how long can Raw juice be kept after opening? Because Raw juice does not contain preservatives, it depend on the glass bottle they are kept in. Juices that are kept in plastic bottles/normal bottles normally helps with rapid oxidation which causes the juice to turn colour, and even spoil after 20 minutes of juicing. However, juice kept in glass bottles should be drunk few days after opening as though glass bottles will not cause rapid oxidation, oxygen can still enter/be inside - thus causing the juice to slowly spoil. 

This is why glass bottles/jars are precious to juice-lover. Heck, you can even return the glass bottle back to any Raw Kitchen outlet after you are done drinking, and you will get 50cents back!

Another reason why Raw Juice is different ; because the type of fruits and vegetables is not limited to one, but they can be more than 3 various kinds of fruits/vegetables inside 1 drink. Hence, making Raw Juice one of the most healthiest diet drinks because you won't miss any green nutrients out. 

The Launching of Raw Kitchen second outlet was officiated by (from left) Level-Up Director, Kenny Sia, Founder of Raw Kitchen, Ghairy, Founder of Raw Kitchen Ilnara and Viva City Director, Mr. Alan Sim. 

Photo credit

(from left) LuckNow, OMG, Green Crush, To The Beet, Japur, Vitamin Love, Buddhe-ful Beets, Banna-Banni, Taj Mahal, The Master, Karma Juice

The thing that interest me the most is the design and names for each juice. The cost of a bottle is RM12. Raw Kitchen also offer schedule & juice planning for detox programs. The program consist of 3 categories ; Beginner, Moderate, Advance whereby in the beginner level, you are to take 8 bottles of juice per day, and 6 only in advance. p/s no solid food during program, unless you are dizzy. Head on to any Raw Kitchen outlet to inquire more of this program. 

As each bottle is made up of different ingredients, they each all have different effect too. 


My verdict for Raw Juice ;
I am not the type to eat lots of vegetables, so this juice is good for me because even though it contains different kinds of ingredients/vegetables/fruits, it does not taste like what you think it will taste like. The first drink I tried was a mixture of pineapple, ginger, apple but it smells just like apple, and taste-wise is a little apple and a little pineapple. Very refreshing, and definitely felt healthier afterwards. 

Address : Pan Tree Food Court, Green Heights Mall, Kuching. / Lower Ground, Viva City.
Facebook :
Instagram : @therawkitchenmalaysia

Me and Founder, Ilnara 


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