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  Food diary week 5
Posted at 2/01/2016 03:23:00 PM

 Homemade beef burger - RM 6.50 (with egg and cheese)
MJC street burger

"When I first got together with Evans, I had a number of  street burgers in that first year. After the second year, street burgers became a norm for us during supper. Then it's the third year of our relationship, that I finally realized it's too late to go back to my original weight, and I blamed it all on yummy street burgers. :( Nevertheless, I still have them now once in awhile when I extremely crave for it. Kuching is probably one of the few states in Malaysia that has street burgers in every corner of the city. I went to Sabah, Penang and even KL but could not see a sight. I am not sure about the other states. What I do know is that, it's the best burger in comparison to KFC and Mcdonald because of it's difference. Especially when the patty is homemade."

KFC breakfast meal set - RM 25.35

"Opted for the set meal which consists of 2 hot drinks (RM 7 ala carte total) ,2 hash brown, 1 classic rice (RM 7.30 ala carte), 1 zinger riser (RM5.65 ala carte), 1 twister lite (RM4.80 ala carte).
I am not sure how much does 1 hash brown cost, but total after adding all ala carte price is RM 24.75. However it is, only RM 20.90++ after recounting the set price, which is ; Classic rice with tea (RM7.30), Zinger Riser with 1 hash brown and tea (RM8.80) = RM 16.10 and add on, 1 ala carte twister lite, RM 4.80. So remaining 1 hash brown cost RM25.35-RM20.90 = RM4.45 (?). I told Evans this and his response was, might as well get Classic rice set, Zinger riser set and Twister Lite set with hash brown (RM7.95) and still cost RM24.05 (RM1.30 cheaper that "said set") p/s GST all included. So how like this? "

 Mee Sua - RM 5.50
Shi Jia Huan, Tabuan Desa

"Mee sua is a Foochow dialect delicacy. and also, a traditional food for the Foochow - every birthday, Mee sua is serve (correct me if I'm wrong) as a sign of longevity. Sometimes it is accompanied with wine mix in the soup, and sometimes it is not for the kids to consume. As half-foochow, I enjoy this noodle delicacy while I was growing up. So, eating this makes me reminisce the old childhood-adolescents days."

Kueh tiaw pork soup - RM5.50
Siang-Siang, Tabuan Jaya

"It's not always that I get to enjoy breakfast elsewehere because of the early morning traffic jam. So when I get to, I'd make sure to order something different. What better than pork meat soup. The meat is not as nice as the first pork meat noodle (link) I had. The meat is not much, and is not that chewy, the pork scent is really strong. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time with this bowl."

Fruit rojak - RM 3.50/100gram
G cafe

"Evans wanted to wash his car, so he suggested to wash at a new car-wash nearby that has a fancy, hispter cafe beside it! I am not fond of rojak in general because of the kinds of vege they mix it with, and the peanut bits they sprinkled on, but I do take pleasure in choosing what goes on my platter, and to taste it with spicy gravy - rojak sauce without the peanut bits. The first I had was in Seberkas, then when I went to Penang, I saw how each food court offers fruit rojak but I didn't get to try. So I have been craving since. But then, the fruits that G Cafe offered were not fresh, evidence from the yellow-brownish apple (then again apples are the easiest to spoil after a few hours), and also I came in right after the shop was opened in the morning. Not only that, the choices were not variant (Probably I came in to early for them to restocked their fruit choices and quantity), and of course, first impression is the best - fruits were not peeled and cut nicely. But it's what the end result that counts the most right? Yes, I still reap the benefits of this bowl. Partly because I enjoyed the vicinity - pretty posters hanged on the wall."


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