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  Food diary week 6
Posted at 2/07/2016 03:22:00 PM

Pork Curry (RM11.50) & Chicken + BBQ Pork Rice (RM 8.80)
Little Hainan Restaurant, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaida Adruce

"Was hungry, and we were nearby the area after running some errands before dinner. This is not our first time having there, but it's only now I realized how much the price differs than other chicken rice stalls/shops. Apart from that, the portion of the chicken and bbq pork is huge too! Whereas normally, the chicken would be slap down by the side of the knife, so the chicken portion would look "more" . On top of that, for breast meat, the chicken is surprisingly soft and juicy. I would always salute those who manage to make their breast meat deliciously. The curry gravy of the pork curry is a tad bit oily-taste, but again, despite the price, it is worth it as the size of the pork served is big."

Plain canai (RM 1.20) & Beef murtabak (RM 5.50)
Chillipadi (Opposite Swinburne)

"One of those days when I craved strongly for canai. Typically served with your choice of meat curry - beef, chicken, or lamb. But this place, your canai is served with dal. Dal is different than curry ; dal uses lentil (just googled, it's a kind of seed) and in comparison to curry, it's more sweet and non-spicy."

Lamb Chop 
Richmond Cafe, Jalan Ellis

"Dinner with Evans' family few days ago was at a western cafe. They didn't have much on menu ; especially carbonara. But they do have tons of meat choices. Ordered the lamb chop as it's been awhile since my last lamb chop. Have always adore lamb, though people around me despises it for its smell. Which to me, is something pleasant. This lamb is soft, and juicy. It is accompanied with blackpepper gravy - which is not that peppery, but still sweet and flavourful. "

Vanilla ice cream, top with sprinkles - RM 3.50
Expert coffee shop, MJC

"Tasted like any other vanilla ice cream, sweet and fluffy-like. The feeling, that is. I don't really take ice cream, but this was actually a reward for Xavier finishing his rice and chicken. Had to really reward him because, the chicken rice we ordered for him was one of the worse ; hard rice, even harder, drier chicken."

Mango flavoured gelato, top with sliced peanut, chocolate and butterscoth chip (RM4.80) & Durian Pillow (RM10 - 3 quantity)
Rainforest Cafe, 6th mile

"My second time there after they renovated the place. Initially a garden/botanical garden with a tiny food/drink stall. The only thing I would have there, previously was their durian puff. But now since their place expanded, so does their menu. Had fried macaroni (no picture) and it was marvelous! Although probably thanks to MSG. Also tried their new gelato brand - Raintree Natural Gelato, mango flavoured gelato, it was soooo sweet. Will try the others soon. Notice that they have coconut gelato too! Ordered the durian pillow this time, instead of their durian puff. It has that durian scent and taste, but not as fulfilling as the durian puff. But nevertheless, still scrumptious!"

"Extra Mcd picture from today's lunch! Because Mcd."


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