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Me and Evans went to watch Deadpool few evenings ago at the newly make over MBO over at THe Spring, Kuching. This MBO is my "adolescents cinema" because the other cinemas were further away from where I live. As a fun-seeking teenager then, this cinema was always the go-to whenever me and my friends want to catch a movie. 

Previously, the stairs to the halls were in darker colours, full of lights, shinning floor, and round lights hanged on the ceiling. However, the make over took away the colourful stairs and exchange it with this classy-like, modernize stairs. Not that flashy, and all "adult-ey". 

"Oh I remember this carpet!"

Our experience watching a movie with MBO was awesome. What I love the most is their seats! Not only it is soft, and comfy. But also, the hand-rest can be put up for the convenience of couples to hold hands or cuddle. To add on, after the make over, MBO Kuching halls now is installed with Auro 11.1 3D sound systems (which simulate the most natural 3D acousticsm), thus making movie watching and listening experience feels like it's real!

Their ticket counter used to be inside, but few years back, it moved outside.

The side of the entrance. 

The entrance.

I remember before, there was a television just outside the entrance to show showtimes, trailers and even movie posters. We used to go to the cinema to look for showtimes, but now, we just checked online. How times has past. 

Concessions counter. Many new items on the menu to checked out from. (Sorry I don't have what is new.) 

MBO Kuching now has its own cafe where patrons can sit down while waiting for their movie, or to just simply have coffee. This area used to be where the tickets are being sold, but it has now turnt into a spacious cafe with separate menus to order from than the concession counters.

From cakes to teas and coffees. Even juices and light snacks such as pretzel pieces. 

The sitting area. 

The hallway for patrons to just sit before a movie. 

"Is it time for our movie yet?" 
"I guess so"
"Has our hall number light up yet?"
"Let us see and know."

What shocks me the most though, is that when you walked up the stairs to the movie hall, they have this new premier lounge where you can just sit and order drinks.

They even have an all new premier hall. The perks of buying a premier ticket is that you can enter the hall 1 hour before watch-time, and I heard the sofas are different that normal halls. More soft and spacious for the butt! The premier ticket runs at a minimum RM22 per person. Would love to experience it one day. One day~

Us. After our movie. 



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