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  Life with a 5 year old
Posted at 10/12/2016 10:40:00 AM

As everyone knows (I tend to believe) I have been taking care of my boyfriend, now husband's son. And I treat him like my own son. Heck, Taking care of him makes me don't want to have another son, but I don't mind for a daughter though. Okay jokes. I don't mind children. I do however, mind if they cry for no reason. 

Before this gets lengthy and out of topic, the reason I'm here today is cause I was inspired to create this post - Life with a 5 year old

I've known Xavier since he was 1 year old plus, and have been full time taking care of him since he was 2 year old. So if I might gloat, I'm probably the one who knows him more, who understands his tactics and reasons of behaviour. (Aside from my husband) I'm also probably the one who takes more of him than anyone else as well. 

Xavier, like any other child is obnoxious, annoying. Nevertheless when he is in a super good mood, he can be sweet, caring and even hardworking. He's full of empathy & he's a softy because he does not like to see people get hurt. 

Here are 5 in the list of living with a 5 year old :

1. "Mummy Why? oooooohh Mummy what's that?"
5 years old are curious, yet not as curious as when they are younger. because by this age, they've probably know a whole lot more. Xavier is at that age where he is curious and he wants to experiment as well. Previously only ask why why why? Few weeks ago, he asked me to find him magic beans to grow. You know.. the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk. That's his ultimate favourite bed time story btw. So his grandmother found some beans and grew it for him. Every time got visitor come, Xavier be like COME SEE MY BEANS and brings visitor over to see his 'magic beans'. At times when we're out, he would ask why is something something like that? In which I explained and then get series of WHY until I told him enough with the whys, only then he stops. wtf

2. "Mummy I want watch pad"
It used to be mummy I want to watch TV when we were all younger but nowadays it's pad. Though I took away his pad priviledges since he likes to watch the too near, and too often. Instead I open youtube using my laptop for me. At least he don't watch it too near. Last night I got him to read the Malay book his teacher let him bring home. It's practically like 5 sentence. Each sentence only got 3 words. By the time we get to the third sentence, he turns into this human jelly where he's trying to read at the same time act lazy. I thought he's probably tired and stress out or insufficient sleep. But right after I let him go, he asked if I could let him used my laptop to watch Totally Spies. TIRED DON'T WANT SLEEP. okay okay, I'm not that cruel, so I let him watch since he did finish reading the 5 sentence although God knows what entered into his head. sigh

3. "Mummy I'm hungry"
Says Xavier 5 - 30 minutes after dinner. Which I usually respond "BUT YOU JUST ATE". In which he'd reply "BUT I'M HUNGRY". Then I would furiously argued "THEN NEXT TIME EAT A LOT NOT WHEN I ASKED YOU TO EAT, YOU RUN AWAY SAY FULL". Normally it would end with "OKAY I WANT EAT NOW". EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I don't even know why I bother talking to him cause I usually ended up finding food for him to munch on. Sometimes my mother in law would make milo in a cup, then dip some small biscuit in to feed him. Sometimes I would rummaged the fridge and our food compartment for snacks. Sometimes I would cook instant noodles which he refer them as 'kolok mee'. Actually spaghetti also he call 'kolok mee' even though I've multiple times told him it's not. On a rare times, especially during weekends when his bed time is not 9pm, he would say he's hungry twice. Also 5 - 30 minutes after his last snacking. BUT WHY HE NO FAT?

4. "Mummy I'm bored"
"Go play your toys" "No" "Go play your phone" "No" "You watch what movie I put" "No" "Go sleep" "No" . Xavier is a privilege kid so he gets bored really fast.  I don't know what to do when he says it that. Normally I'd be busy doing my assignments or doing stuff that's why cannot entertain him. So I just ignore him. HAHAHA okay sound so bad. No worries, he gets over boredom really fast cause he usually find new things to play with. His recent new toy is our room key which I only noticed this morning. Then told him off. SIGH Fortunately he don't say it much.

5. "Mummy fat"
I think this one is partially my fault, and partially my husband's fault cause we always tease each other fat. And Xavier does whatever we do since we're most of the time together. So sorry to those who gets this from him too. IN MY DEFENCE, I think it's parents these days also cause the other day my husband sent Xavier to school and one of his classmate said, "Xavier papa fat". HAHAHA. Sometimes when I'm down, Xavier would come to me and say "Mummy you're not fat. You are pretty and thin" and smile. Not sure trying to comfort or be condescending LOL

Living with Xavier can sometimes be tiring, but most of the time it's joyful and lovely. Don't forget livelier as well since he's so talkative. Sometimes when we're not talking to him / listening to him, he would grab his toy dinosaurs and either talk on behalf or talk to them. 

Here's 5 conversation with Xavier that I jot down on my dayre :

  • So few nights ago, Xavier was being difficult in his sleep so I put him on my arms and sleep like that till the next morning. He woke up telling me "mummy I sleep so well last night." I asked why? "Because you sayang me". I half angry half in awe cause I didn't get enough sleep. But whatever la. ROLLS EYES.

  • This one from January.
*watching Shaun the Sheep; Shaun goes to the city & becomes an outcast*

Me : Ee so cute! Looks like me 
Xavier : no. It don't look like you
Me : why? 
Xavier : because nobody like him, & he is sad. 
Me : 😵 so is not like me? 
Xavier : no... 

  • There's this one where I was crying from watching kdrama and he panicked and said,

Xavier : Mummy why are you crying?
Me : Cause it's so sad
Xavier : Mummy you cannot cry, only korean drama can cry
Me : Why?
Xavier : Because I don't want you to cry

  • It was CNY this year and me and the husband went out to watch Deadpool while he stayed home. When we got back, noticed that his grandpa played fireworks for him.

Me : Xavier. Did you think of me when gung gung play fire crackers?
Xavier : Yes. 
Me : What did you think of me?
Xavier : I think you are a pig. A very cute pig!
Me : ......

  • So, this is when Xavier ran the corridor after music class till we can't chase him.

Hubs : cannot play phone! You run just now no listen people !
Xavier : please... 
Hubs : I drive now cannot give you phone 
Xavier : yes. You driving, so cannot play phone. I'm not driving, so I can play phone.
just like when I driving, I cannot play phone. And when I no drive, I can play. If you want play, you no drive first then you can play. Now you drive so you cannot play. 
Hubs : ..... Here's your phone. 
Me : 😂😂
Hubs : that's some legit argument there

Okay I love Xavier conversation so much, gonna share one last one here...

  • I was playing some shooting game with him. 

Xavier : I CAN'T
Me : .........

Xavier loves taking selfies btw. 

Okay, gonna stop this post here since it's getting too long already. Long story short, my life is like a roller coaster definitely but I don't regret it a bit because I have them two that makes my life exciting. I don't have much, but I'm okay as long as I have them.  


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