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  Goodbye Diploma
Posted at 11/22/2016 03:59:00 PM
Approximately an hour ago, I was still on the drive way of school - Limkokwing Borneo . About to continue with life after my final exams. This also marks the end of my time in Limkokwing as a Mass Communication student & for now, I'll be known as unofficially unemployed.  What's left of course is graduating my Diploma with Flying Colours. 

I have to admit, I did a pretty good job and had no problems with my studies in Limkokwing. However, it's time to close the chapter and move onto a new phase in life. Who knows what the future have for me. I, myself have no proper planning. I might work, I might continue my studies. I might do both at the same time.

If I would characterise myself, I am quite ambitious. I also hate losing. 

I have had pretty good memories taking my diploma here, and I have met pretty good friends that I would absolutely keep till I'm old. I learnt a lot of things during my time here. Including how difficult people can be, and a challenge to handle them. Many times I've chanted 'I'll meet worse than them so it's okay' just to keep myself calm. 

List of remembered memories I kept since semester 1 are the followings : 
The one that is still burning in my mind, as if it just happened yesterday. 

In Semester 1, I was a freshie in a new school, new environment and meeting new faces. My first friends weren't in Mass Communications, in fact they were in Graphic Design whom I still keep in touch with even though not as close as before. She speaks fluent Mandarin, and I a half bucket water Mandarin mix with English. We were both like dogs and cats communicating. Limkokwing took two intake for semester 1, each with few months apart from each other. So before the classes merge in semester 2, I was in a class with 4 other boys whom two of them, unfortunately didn't manage to stay till the end together. Since it was a class of 5, I did all my group assignments solo being an odd numbered class - the way I like it to be honest.

In Semester 2, my GPA dropped as my confidence level went up. It was also the semester where during design class, majority agreed to form a mass communication only group; normally we'd be separated but we prevail and not only did we hit a downfall with our designs (mass communication kids what to expect?), it was also the first time for such a big assignment, we re-do the night before the presentation. We already have one that is not so uhm. acceptably nice done weeks before. But, just a night before the presentation, my classmates got together and re-do everything which our design lecturer mentioned as acceptably nice and better than the previous. The moral from this story is not to overestimate your own abilities. 

In Semester 3, I get to experienced what it's like to host a radio show. It was part of our module in the diploma. & For me, it was a great experience hosting it with my classmate. I remembered staying up late downloading songs just to play during the show, and even scripted out what I'll be saying the next day. Although not much audiences, but it tested my confident level. Me and Lin, our air time would be every Wednesday lunch time. Sometimes it would rained so heavily and we enjoyed it cause the atrium during the noon would be so hot. Furthermore, we had full classes that day. 

In Semester 4, we had a broadcasting module where I experienced talking in a recording studio, making my own radio advertisement, TV commercial which my groupmates and I did on Kuching Kolo Mee, & I even did a solo video of myself eating - the requirements were video of yourself. Pretty much enjoyed being narcissistic over both medium of recordings. Too bad I lost the videos. I kept all my assignments in one folder in my laptop, but don't know how and when did I lose it . Sigh I did a 3 minutes video of myself eating the whole way with a pictorial ending of foods that I've eaten. The background music was Lollipop done by The Treblemakers, Pitch Perfect 2. 

In Semester 5, it was mostly paper works, not much technical. So we sat in class most of the time. Nothing much except the time I used on my law assignment report which was two hundred pages thick (a month plus wtf) and my internship at Borneo Post. The latter was a great experience for me. 

In Semester 6, did our final event which I did not think we can pull off, but probably just my low self esteem talking cause despite circumstance, we were able to go through it & yes we did it. Other than that, we also had our rebranding assignment where we had to rebrand a whole new design for an existing company. I've always enjoyed design when I do know how and what I want. Usually it's just 1% of the time where I manage to do a proper design, otherwise I'd ended up with a simple one, images stolen from google with zero talent on how to make a nice one myself. wtf

Now it's the end of my diploma life, as much as it is a hassle, I have to feel proud of myself for completing it well. Big thanks to the 3 parent of my diploma who has seen us grow from the first semester to the end and other sub lecturers such as design, broadcast, business, compulsory subject lecturers.

Also, big thanks to my classmates for making this diploma a memorable one. 

Closing this chapter soon with my graduation ceremony, hopefully to open a new one soon.



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