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  Oppo Media Workshop Event
Posted at 1/13/2017 10:07:00 PM

Guess who got the chance to try out Oppo's latest phone - R9s earlier on. Meee. 

Lee Min Ho as product ambassador for the R9s

Oppo released its latest camera phone, the R9s and will be available nationwide starting tomorrow (14/1/2017) at the price of RM 1,798.
The phone is powered with a 16MP rear camera, extra-wide f/1.7 aperture for those clear, bright night pictures, coupled with the new Dual PDAF technology which enables a camera to focus within seconds. This camera phone has the panoramic feature, ultra hd feature, beauty mode feature to enhance the photo taking experience by taking it to a new level. This phone is basically a tiny DSLR jam packed into a fast charging, 3,010 mAh battery. The R9s sports a Qualcomm octa-core processor, 4 GB Ram and 64 GB Rom, and cruises seamlessly on Color OS 3.0 (based on Android 6.0). Storage wise the R9s has 64 GB on board, expandable up to 128 GB. The R9s has a colour option of rose gold and gold.

Attended a media workshop by Oppo Malaysia with professional photographer, Kim Teoh who showed us pictures he took using the R9s during his trip to Myammar. 

The first thing I tried once I got my hands on this R9s was the front camera since it's a camera/selfie phone. It definitely smoothed the face, rid all the obvious pimples and wrinkles with its beauty mode. 

This looks normal but it's actually the panaromic feature that enables its users to take panaromic pictures so the whole group can join in.

More pictures taken with the R9s : 

Thanks Vey.

Pictures of Sarawak Bloggers taken by Professional Photographer Kim Teoh and Leo Fong :

Photo credits Eve. Photo ensemble by Vey (includes yelling at said phone to stand straight)

My verdict of the phone
Since it's unique selling point is mainly focussed on their camera, I would comment there-forth - The rear camera feels like I've seen better to be honest. However their selfie front camera do not disappoint those selfie-takers and lovers. The phone is super thin which makes gripping the phone harder especially if you have clumsy hands like mine. 

My verdict does not weigh much. The true verdict comes from within those who tries it first hand. 
Thanks Oppo for the wonderful experience!

Here's an awkward photo taken by Kim Teoh of me staring outside feeling and looking awkwardly thinking I'd look nice but in reality, meh. Also taken with the R9s.



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